Author Topic: True Ending and 100% Completed Museum Tour in Paper Mario: The Origami King  (Read 114 times)

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Is it Toad-ally worth it in the end?

Paper Mario: The Origami King has a lot of collectibles! What happens if you find everything and complete the Musée Champignon?


  • 00:06 Completing the Musée Champignon
  • 1:35 Touring the Concept Art Gallery
  • 14:16 Touring the Origami Toad Gallery
  • 19:59 Touring the Treasure Gallery
  • 30:06 Looking at the Trophies
  • 32:00 Touring the Origami Character Gallery
  • 42:48 Touring the Sound Gallery
  • 48:48 Credits with 100% Completion
  • 52:54 Post-Credits Scene

Apparently, the final image of Mario and Peach in the credits can have Toads holding banners. If you avoid getting a game over, it includes a heart banner. If you avoid using accessories, it also includes a fist banner. Strange that these are included, as the game actively reminds you to use your weapons and accessories, and the quicktime events make it easy to get a game over.

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