Author Topic: Episode 660: Summer-Splash Mr. EAD  (Read 1003 times)

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Episode 660: Summer-Splash Mr. EAD
« on: February 16, 2020, 08:29:18 AM »

His normal...clothes(?) are not to get wet.

The late-winter New Business doldrums continue this week. Jon continued his drive through SEGA AGES with a look at Fantasy Zone. He then swings in a wildly different direction with impressions of Project xCloud, now in preview on iOS. Guillaume continues to be the savior of New Business with impressions of indie-darlings from two different eras, Bastion and The Messenger.

After the break the team dives into the least wonderful segment of the year: 2020 Predictions! After reviewing our 2019 attempt we still recorded the segment anyway.

You can rate our predictions via the inbox.

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