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The Blue Coin Cast: Episode 1

by James Jones, Xander Morningstar, and Brett Posner-Ferdman - September 30, 2019, 9:10 am EDT
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Xander and Brett take a deep dive into one of the most infamous Mario games of all time in a brand new podcast!

Now that Summer is over, it’s time to celebrate just like Nintendo did back in 2002 with the release of Super Mario Sunshine, on The Blue Coin Cast! Join co-hosts, Xander Morningstar, Brett Posner-Ferdman and guest, James Jones, as they reminisce about the luxuries of Isle Delfino, look at old manuals, discuss the highs and lows of the adventure, and the genre moving forward! It seems everyone has a hot take with Super Mario Sunshine, so if you have something to say, share a comment down below and you could earn your Blue Coin on the list!


ClexYoshiSeptember 30, 2019

If you go back to that retroactive thread, you will see my mug, over and over again.

If you go and listen to that podcast, you will hear my voice.

and if you go and watch Jame's stream archives, you will hear him thanking God himself for me.

I have many things to say about this game.

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