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What Missing Marvel Ultimate Alliance Characters Could Return as DLC?

by Neal Ronaghan - July 17, 2019, 10:45 am EDT
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Neal tries to set the odds of what forgotten heroes from past X-Men Legends and Marvel Ultimate Alliance games could be added to the Switch sequel.

We know there is DLC coming for Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3, and if you’re so inclined you can even buy the season pass right now (and unlock an alternate Deadpool skin right now). Three packs will be released: X-Men, Fantastic Four, and Marvel Knights. The Marvel-addled mind wanders when thinking of who could be included, but for those like yours truly who have fond memories of past X-Men Legends and Marvel Ultimate Alliance games, you might wonder who from those four games in the past might make the jump to 2019 as DLC.

Including all sorts of weird console exclusives and DLC, there are 38 characters that were playable across the earlier entries in the X-Men Legends and Marvel Ultimate Alliance series that are not currently playable in this latest entry. I have broken them up into five categories that represent, with some personal bias, the likelihood of their inclusion as Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 DLC.

Without further adieu, let’s go to the eight heroes who I would be kind of confused if they weren’t playable in any of the three upcoming DLC packs.

Stone-Cold (Near) Locks

  1. Blade
  2. Colossus
  3. Cyclops
  4. Human Torch
  5. Iceman
  6. Invisible Woman
  7. Mr. Fantastic
  8. Thing

First off, how can you do Fantastic Four DLC without the Fantastic Four? Once the series went broader to all of Marvel, Human Torch, Invisible Woman, Mr. Fantastic, and Thing were always playable. I’m honestly shocked they missed the boat entirely for Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3’s base game, but a DLC appearance for the quartet is okay, I suppose.

As for the X-Men, I think Cyclops and Colossus are easy additions, especially since they are already NPCs in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3. Iceman was also playable in all four earlier games and can skate around arenas on an ice sled. I’ll be honest: Iceman should probably be second-tier, but dude, Iceman is a blast to play.

Lastly, Blade seems like one of the most obvious Marvel Knights inclusions. If you don’t have Blade there, I’m not sure why you would have a Marvel Knights DLC pack.

Likely But Not Sure Things

  1. Beast
  2. Doctor Doom
  3. Gambit
  4. Jean Grey
  5. Moon Knight
  6. Nick Fury
  7. Silver Surfer

Beast, Gambit, and Jean Grey seem like the next most likely X-Men inclusions. Gambit and Jean Grey were playable in almost every other game in the series and while Beast was only playable in the first X-Men Legends, he is already in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 as an NPC, so I think that helps his case.

Doctor Doom is the next most obvious Fantastic Four inclusion. I’m not sure if these DLC packs contain any additional game content, but if they do, Doom is sure to be in any Fantastic Four side-story. Silver Surfer is a less likely Fantastic Four addition, but he could also probably fit into the Marvel Knights designation. Either way: the more games with Galactus’ herald, the better.

Nick Fury is basically a main character in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3’s story, so making him a playable character via DLC is logical. He could also likely fit into the Marvel Knights categorization. Lastly, Moon Knight could be a Marvel Knights addition. He’s a super fun deep cut that was a blast to play as in the first Marvel Ultimate Alliance.

A Fighting Chance

  1. Juggernaut
  2. Professor X
  3. Rogue
  4. Sentry
  5. Vision

Juggernaut and Professor X headline this group as the most likely, especially since both are in the game already. Juggernaut already had life as a DLC character for Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 and he’s a boss in the third entry. Professor X is an NPC in the latest game and has a weird history of playability in the past, factoring into an astral fight with the Shadow King in X-Men Legends and then walking around as a secret character in X-Men Legends 2.

Rogue has less of a chance, but she was playable in both X-Men Legends games and while her popularity might not be at the same level as it was back in the ‘90s, she’s still a cool character who would fit well in this world.

Sentry could be a possible Marvel Knights DLC pick, but most people will wonder who Sentry even is. He was only ever playable in the DS version of the first Ultimate Alliance. But like, who else you putting in for Marvel Knights?

Vision shows up as an NPC in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 and also has a checkered past of playability in the series. He was playable in the Game Boy Advance version of the first Ultimate Alliance. He’s also potentially more popular since he’s a part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but what DLC pack could he fit into? Maybe Marvel Knights?


  1. Bishop
  2. Cable
  3. Emma Frost
  4. Green Goblin
  5. Jubilee
  6. Songbird
  7. Spider-Woman

We’re starting to run up against the unlikely bottom of the barrel. X-Men-wise, Bishop, Cable, Emma Frost, and Jubilee all theoretically could fit into that DLC pack, but with so many other possible inclusions higher on this list, I doubt any of those four will make the cut. Cable’s hope is maybe thanks to his Deadpool relationship. Unless there’s some DLC pack involving future nonsense, Bishop’s a no-go. Emma Frost and Jubilee seem like relics of X-Men’s past at this point.

Green Goblin is a boss in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3, but I’m not sure what DLC pack he’d fit into. He was playable in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2, however.

Songbird also showed up in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 and despite being a relatively low-level hero, has been a semi-regular in various Marvel games. Once again, not sure where Songbird would slot in.

Lastly, while Spider-Woman is cool as hell, the lack of a Spidey-themed DLC pack and the fact that Spider-Gwen and Miles Morales have replaced Spider-Woman in mainstream notoriety means the old female Spider heroine of old has probably been kicked to the curb.

A Snowball’s Chance In Hell

  1. Cannonball
  2. Carnage
  3. Echo (Ronin)
  4. Magma
  5. Namor
  6. Penance
  7. Sabretooth
  8. She-Hulk
  9. Sunfire
  10. Toad
  11. X-Man

Did you know Cannonball and X-Man were playable in X-Men Legends 2...on PSP? Well, now you do. Pocket that fact because that might be the last time you hear the name of those heroes. On second thought, I guess Cannonball is in that long-delayed New Mutants movie.

They are extreme longshots for the X-Men DLC, also joining the likes of Magma, Sabretooth, Sunfire, and Toad as mutant entries into the “ha ha nah” category. Magma was the entrypoint character for the first X-Men Legends, and then Sunfire stole her fire powers. Crystal mostly represents that fire category for Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3. Sabretooth was weirdly only DLC for Marvel Ultimate Alliance and was never playable in an X-Men Legends game. And Toad sucks.

Penance likely only showed up in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 because of his integral nature for the Civil War story in the comics.

Namor, Echo/Ronin, and She-Hulk were all weird exclusives for the series, appearing in Game Boy Advance, PSP, and DS versions of past games respectively. Lastly, Carnage would be neat, but not sure where he’s slotting into the DLC.

And that’s my best guess as to what old characters from the X-Men Legends and Marvel Ultimate Alliance games could show up as DLC in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3. We will likely find out soon enough about what X-Men, Fantastic Four, and Marvel Knights characters make the cut, but until then, we do still have 34 characters to play as in the main game, which is due out on July 19.



broodwarsJuly 17, 2019

I'm going to go with the assumption that each DLC pack is 4 characters due to the cost of creating models and animation, as well as creating and balancing attacks. The main cast is 32, which is also a number divisible by 4.

X-Men Pack:

- Cyclops
- Colossus
- Jean Gray
- Gambit

Cyclops and Colossus tend to pop up in every X-Men product, Jean Gray is frequently playable, and Gambit is probably one of the most popular of the 2nd tier X-Men.

Fantastic 4 Pack:

- Mr. Fantastic
- Invisible Woman
- Human Torch
- The Thing

Self-explanatory if there are only 4 slots and there's a whole DLC pack named after them.

Marvel Knights:

- Blade
- Nick Fury
- Taskmaster
- Winter Soldier

Blade's inclusion is obvious, and Nick Fury's a relatively popular character. Winter Soldier would be a similar inclusion to Fury, largely due to his appearances in the MCU. Taskmaster's a wild card. He's a character that tends to be included in games despite not being very well known.

On a side note, I'd love to see Magma added to the game just for the nod to the original X-Men Legends.

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