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The Thirsty Mage - The E3 Round-Up

by David Lloyd - June 14, 2019, 7:35 am PDT
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The pub breaks down all of the announcements and talk about their most wanted lists.

The folks at the pub breakdown each press conference and discuss all the RPGs we look forward to playing.

Patrons at The Mage this episode include: David, Casey, and Jordan.


Michie_June 14, 2019

Great podcast.

In the case of Pokémon, the reason people are upset is that there won't be any way to bring all of your old Pokemon to Sword and Shield. It kinda makes Pokémon home irrelevant.

How things are now is that you have a  local dex that has a select amount of pokemon. Filling that one usually isn't that hard. The national dex is for the Jirard the Completionists. Filing that one is more challenging but completely optional.

They removed the national dex in Sun and moon but you were still able to bring your old Pokemon. That's not going to be possible in S&S. Every pokemon is someone's favorite so there are people going to be disappointed.

ShyGuyJune 16, 2019

Good episode! You guys sure like the Final Fantasies.

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