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The Thirsty Mage: Final Fantasy IX on Switch

by David Lloyd - March 5, 2019, 9:13 pm PST
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The latest discussion at the pub is all about the first Final Fantasy of many coming to Switch.

It's time for the Final Fantasy era on Switch, beginning with the final game of the PlayStation trilogy.

The crew discusses the port, Jordan quizzes David about the Final Fantasy Easter eggs, and we have a pint or two in the process.

The panel tonight consists of David Lloyd, Jordan Rudek, Casey Gibson and Neal Ronaghan.

The Thirsty Mage theme song is by the great Perry Burkum.


Michie_March 23, 2019

I usually really like this podcast but I was a little disappointed about this episode. It felt like the Zidane is a bad character overshadowed a big part of the discussion.

Personally I completely disagree but even ignoring that. Vivi his character arc wasn't mentioned at all and is probably one of the strongest character arcs in any video game. Him having to deal with his own mortality is extremely well written. And there is no miracle, Vivi dies.

Zidane his arc is also really strong. He has to deal with the fact that he is basically a angel of  death. The "you are not alone part" where all of your party members are trying to bring Zidane back from his depression is still one of my favorite video game moments.

Yes he starts the game as thief with a lack of manners but he still has a heart of gold. I highly recommend the Final Fantasy union history of Zidane youtube video. It's really wel made

Also there is the beautiful music that wasn't talked about this podcast. And let's not forget this is a really funny game. Maybe the funniest FF there is.

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