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Our Super Mario Maker Stages

Our Super Mario Maker Stages (Page 2)

by Justin Berube, Aaron Kaluszka, Carmine Red, and Guillaume Veillette - September 24, 2015, 10:08 am EDT

Even more Super Mario Maker levels from our staff.

Carmine Red, Associate Editor

Stage: Koopa Troopa Prison

Code: CAE8-0000-004E-E9BD

Description: Witness the chilling fates of the Koopa Troopas who get locked up in this dungeon and then forgotten...

Aaron Kaluszka, Associate Editor

Stage: Challenging remix...

Code: E635-0000-004F-333F

Description: This is a remake of a couple of levels I designed in 1998.

Guillaume Veillette, Podcast Editor

Stage: Save Olimar before nightfall!

Code: B0FD-0000-0057-8CBF

Description: The Pikmin wake up from their Onion and find no trace of Captain Olimar. They'll have to learn how to platform if they want to save Olimar before sunset.

Addison Webb, Associate Editor

Stage: Pac-Man 2 Redux: Pacitu Maze

Code: 5890-0000-005F-27A4

Description: I call it Pac-Man 2 Redux: Pacitu Maze. It's a product of classic maze Pac as well as my memories of playing the hang gliding level of Pac-Man 2 when I was a young, naive lad that couldn't comprehend the harsh reality of that game's quality.


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