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Show us your launch! Volume #1

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by the NWR Staff - November 19, 2001, 10:19 pm EST



I got it!!!

Let me recap all this. Tuesday I got my copy of Star Wars Rogue squadron 2, at Zellers in chateauguay Qu├ębec Cananda. Friday after school, I went to Zellers to see what was happening with all those lauches. When I arrived at the Gaming section, i saw Waverace BL and Luigi's mansion on sale 2 days early. I ask the guy for my copy, he said no problem ans he gave it to me. I was crazy. Then i had to wait till sunday for my pre-ordered Gamecube at futureshop.

Sunday morning i woke up at 8:00 and i went to zellers to see how gamecube was on fire. When i arrived, 8:30 there was people going out out of the zellers with their cube. I counted approximatly 20. When i entered, i saw the big line, about 40 people of all ages waiting for the gamecube. Zellers had 88 gcn and they sold out at 10:00. That was so crazy all those people shouting and smilling and they were saying FINALLY. By the way i bought 2 memory cards theire at zellers. After i went with my Dad at the futureshop for my gamecube. I line we were about 20 reserved and 25 non-reserved. When we entered i rapidly took an orange controller and and my gamecube. Then i went for paying. I counted about 75 persons with a cube crazy.

Because i was the fifth at furureshop the gavew me a nintendo game cube teashirt.

That was the biggest week of my life

Yannick godin 15 ans

It's Here!

Man it was so sweet...I got there about 2hours before the TRU in Yonkers, NY opened and sneakily got into the middle of the line, instead of the back (but it wasnt that much of a difference, because at the time there was only about 35 people in line.) Well, then this TRU lady came out and said that they had 6-friggin-hundred units (yes, 600) - all you could hear was one giant sigh of relief from the line. Well, a little later they handed out tickets for Black or Purple systems (I got black). Finally we got to go inside in groups of 10...i walked away with the Cube, a Clear Indigo controller, 2 Memory Cards, THPS3 and All-Star Baseball...While I was driving away, I grabbed my Cube box and waved it in the faces of the people still in line, which had swelled to about 120 by that time - I'd say at least 150 people got cubes when TRU opened). By the way, I already had Rogue Squadron and Madden...hope to pick up Monkey Ball this week...Man, this Thanksgiving is going to kick some major ass...


Well, we (couple of friends and myself) didn't have to camp out. We went to our local Toys R Us about an hour before it opened (got 3 cubes 2 black & 1 purple). They were handing out slips for the GC but nothing else. Getting inside was a bit different.....It was a mad rush for everything, luckily, we had a couple of helping hands (my nephews) to get the slips for the games, memory cards, and addition controllers. The crowd was pretty big and it sounded like they were running out of GC's when we were checking out. They ran out of controllers for sure. In fact, it is obvious that there is a shorter supply of the Spice and Indigo-Clear controllers since they were not in the same to BIG buckets of controllers. They were kind of hidden in the far corners and they didn't have many of them.

As soon as we got in, we played some Rogue, Super Monkey Ball, Crazy Taxi, Wave Race, and Madden. So far, our favorite is Super Monkey Ball. It is a LOT of fun in multiplayer. Wave Race and Star Wars look amazing as well. I'll be up all night playing for sure, but I do wish that there was a Super Mario that launched with the GC.

On a rather sad note, one of the Babbages stores in NJ was taking advantage of the short controller supply and charging double for them (that's what my sister...who doesn't know better paid). I'd warn your customers about that (or at least the pricing). They also said that they sold out in less than 40 minutes.

Do you guys have any information on when the SD RAM adapter will be available???? Thanks, and keep up the GREAT work on the site!!!

hey guys,

just a quick e-mail to let you know that i was able to get a gamecube here in st.louis. i went to a 24-hour wal-mart. i got there at around 9 pm and was twentieth in line (the first guy in line got there at 3pm), with a steady stream of people joining the line all the way up till midnight. most of the people waiting were high-school and college-age kids, with a few mom's and grandma's thrown in, plus a couple of people like me in their late-twenties/early-thirties. and everyone i talked to said they were NOT getting an xbox, mainly because they already had the ps 2, and that filled the bill for that type of gaming, but also because of price and microsoft's monolithic, orwellian power.

everything was pretty organized, with the wal-mart guys giving regular updates on procedures and numbers (44 cubes-- 22 each of indigo and jet black). there were plenty of games and memory cards (contrary to what i've been reading on the net about other stores), but no extra controllers! we stood in line in the paint section(!?), where they handed out numbered tickets at precisely midnight. we then proceeded to the electronics department where they handed out cubes and checked us out. surprisingly, quite a few people towards the front of the line chose indigo (as did i), though most chose black. i was out of there by 12:20 am. and, from what i could tell, everyone got cubed, with 1 or 2 to spare. as i was walking out, a number of stragglers were heading in, doomed to disappointment.

all in all, everything went very well. all the people in line were really cool and friendly. the three hour wait flew by. now i'm heading out to find some extra controllers!

thanks for all the info over the last year!


p.s. wave race, rogue leader and super monkey ball kick ass!

Here we are at the Los Angeles Launch at Planet X in the Glendale Galleria.


GameCube launch in Quebec city ... feel free to post it on your GREAT web site PlanetGamecube

Rudy Bussieres

9h30am : I'm finally home with my lobing GameCube and 2 games : Luigi's Mansion and Wave Race

I arrived in the lineup at 7h30am knowing there wouldn't be many people out there. I was right because I arrived tenth in line. At 7h55am there were like 30-35 people ! That was a great launch, they opened at 7h59am and everybody walked calmly to the next step with a pumping hearbeat.

I was the first one to pick up my games and I have waited my turn to pay the stock. The first crazy one ran away with 3 black GameCubes, 15 games, 4 controllers and 4 memory cards ... what a bastard ! With all that said when that was my turn they had no more memory cards ... AHHH !! Well I picked mine at the other wal-mart but hey gas isn't free hehe oh and Yes I got my Indigo GameCube as I wanted the real original color hehe All the extra controllers were sold out when I left, the demand is HUGE ! Some were forced to pick other colors than the spice one hehe Luigi's Mansion was the most rented game, Nhl Hitz 2002 coming second ! Not any popularity for Super Monkey Ball or Madden Nfl 2002. I asked if the Xbox launch was more successful and t he guy answered : No, but we had only 16 Xbox at launch and we've got 40 GameCube. There were a stupid guy thinking he would get away with Super Smash Bros. today lol I couldn't resist I laughed out loud, poor guy :) At the other Wal-Mart they received 64 consoles and only 10 left 40 minutes later ! So, this is quite a great launch for Nintendo and I enoyed mine for sure ... the hipe was there and I could barely drive safely as I was returning home haha Now become excited : THE GAMECUBE IS HERE !!!

I had jerky, water, Skittles, and Zelda Ages and Seasons with about 8 batteries (which were all almost dead). So I waited. The crowd was really diverse. There were little kids, adults, teenagers, women, girls, and the elderly. Even my friend who was getting his from EB said "Screw it" and went to Wal-Mart instead.

And ALL day there were people asking "What are you waiting for?" Even though

there was a sign that read NINTENDO GAMECUBE 11/18 AT 12:01 LINE STARTS HERE. Also, this homeless guy came riding on his bike and started joking around

with some of the people in line.

HG: What number are you?

Guy in Line: They haven't given any to us yet.

HG: Oh, you have to go to the back of the line! (then he started laughing

real hard)

About 7:00, my dad showed up and took my spot so I could eat dinner at McDonalds. About 8:15, a lady started coming to check ID and take down names.

About 5 or 6 people didn't get a Cube because they didn't have ID. I was #15

in line.

So we waited again. Four hours left. I occasionally went to the electronics section and played some Xbox and Gamecube. At around 9:00, this lady who worked there let me buy a memory card and a controller. I told the people who were waiting outside and they ran in to get one (there was one controller left). Unfortunately for them, someone who worked there said they couldn't sell any Nintendo Gamecube accessory or game until 12:01.

At about 11:25, we lined up again and were placed 1-56 (Wal-Mart sold all of

their 56 Gamecubes, BTW (there were 20 Xboxes)). The catch was that you could

only buy one game per system, and those earlier in line would have a better

chance at getting a game (I got one of the 24 copies of Tony Hawk 3). A lady

came up and asked if it would play DVDs. I replied, telling her that there is

a version in Japan that would. She cut me off and said, "Well the Xbox has


Me: Yeah, but you need to buy a remote control. The Gamecube plays GAMES.

Her: I know it plays games. I want to watch DVDs (and then she walked away.

How rude, huh?)

I finally bought my Gamecube at 12:10, went home to finish my homework, moved

my systems around to make way for the GCN, played SMB, Rogue Squadron II, and

Tony Hawk 3, and went to bed. From what was a pretty boring day turned into a

very exciting night.

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