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KIAME Uncovered

by the NWR Staff - August 16, 2000, 10:00 pm PDT

Since Rare isn't making Killer Instinct 3 (yet!) Ty has found solace in a Killer Instinct emulator. Unfortunately, it's illegal. Call the cops!

Killer Instinct Logo

Uncovering KIAME

Thrown together by Ty Shughart

I've got to admit, I'd never thought I'd see my PC playing some game claiming it will show up on my Ultra 64 in 1995. In any case, I don't want to summarize the entire history of Killer Instinct to start this thing off. A short-and-sweet deal should do just fine.

The KIAME emulator, er, emulates the Killer Instinct arcade machine hardware (which is also the same as KI2's - support for that is planned - I don't know if it works for this version). It's unreleased as of right now. However, a beta seems to have gotten into my possession. Heh heh.

This, being an unreleased (whoops) beta, still has some of the frills (sound) left out, yet plays amazingly well. The control is responsive as can be (for keyboard-only support), multiple resolutions are supported, and it runs full speed or more on my cruddy old Celeron 466 (64 mb ram; 16 mb Banshee).

Er, in a nutshell, this is what this version has:

  • Full speed

  • Multiple resolution support

  • "Switches" - arcade unit system setup

    And hasn't...

  • Sound

  • Configurable control / joystick support

    I've run into a few bugs... it likes to crash after you view endings, do ultimates or humilations, or close the game window and reset into a new game. Also, the any blood that may normally be red colored shows up as grey. As I understand it, there's a few better versions behind the Brute Force teams' closed doors. They probably already have these bugs fixed...

    Now, as for the switches, they would basically be what the option settings of an arcade machine are. You can see 'em in the menu image... here's what they do: (try these out at the arcade ;) )

    Dip switch bank 1, # indicates switch #:


    High - #1 and #2 off.

    Medium - 1 on, 2 off.

    Low - 1 off, 2 on.

    None - 1 and 2 on.

    Attract mode sound - #3 off.

    No attract mode sounds - #3 on.

    "No Mercy" finishing moves allowed - #4 off.

    No finishing moves - #4 on.

    Violence warning shown - #5 off.

    No warning - #5 on.

    #6, #7 and #8 are not used.

    Switch bank #2:

    Use dip switch coin settings - #1 off.

    Use hard disk coin settings - #1 on.


    USA - #5 off, #6 off.

    Germany - #5 on, #6 off.

    France - #5 off, #6 on.

    Unused - #5 and #6 on.

    Coin settings:

    USA/Germany/France 1 - #2 off, #3 off, #4 off.

    USA/Germany/France 2 - #2 on, #3 off, #4 off.

    USA/Germany/France 3 - #2 off, #3 on, # off.

    USA/Germany/France 4 - #2 on, #3 on, #4 off.

    USA/Germany/France ECA (?) - #2 off, #3 off, #4 on.

    USA 9 - #2 on, #3 off, #4 on.

    USA 10 - #2 off, #3 on, #4 on.

    Free play (the important one) - #2, #3 and #4 on.

    One coin counter - #7 off.

    Two counters - #7 on.

    Test menu (when machine is reset) - #8 on.

    Game mode (or exit test menu) - #8 off.

    In the interest of me being lazy and avoiding any real writing, we'll cover silly questions you might have in a Q & A format:

    Q: How big is it?

    A: The arcade roms and hard drive are about 90 mb. The emulator itself is only a few megs.

    Q: Can I get it from you?

    A: No.

    Q: Is it illegal to download KI?

    A: Yeah, probably.

    Q: Can I get a "what what" ?

    A: Dog my cats.

    Q: How did you get your hands on this leaked emu?

    A: Can I get a "what what" ?

    Whew, thank god that part's over. Now, go onto the next page to check out screen grabs; I do believe they best show off what this emulator does.

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