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by Danny Bivens, James Charlton, and Ty Shughart - September 17, 2015, 6:55 am EDT
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Super Mario Maker and Disney Inifinty 3.0 coming in at a scorching 100 degrees!

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Kept ya waiting huh? Sorry about that, we've just been busy. Hey, it's a new Famicast, such excitement! That's right, Danny, JC, Ty, and Sai huddle up do talk some Japanese Nintendo videogames.

New business has the inevitable Splatoon, Mario Maker, Disney Infinity 3.0 talk, with Ty bringing the (timely) non-tendo talk about MGSV. Happy with all that? You are more than welcome.

All the fun charts and Japan news is covered as you'd expect, Pokemon Go and that crossover game with the title no one can remember. Want to play a fun game? Guess how many Xbox Ones were sold this week in Japan!

Next up is a special feature all about the Nintendo 64 in Japan! The crew took the opportunity, and the fact that the episode number seemed right, to talk all about the crazy Japan-exclusive games that hit the console. What the hell is a Doraemon anyway? If you're wondering where Danny is during this section, don't worry, he is alive, he just had to step out due to a dangerously high fever. He must have been sick to miss out on a chance to talk about the 64DD!

Lastly we wrap things up with your letters and tweets, as well as a quick preview of the Tokyo Games Show that just started today (Sept 17th). Wondering if any Nintendo games will be at the show? Find out here!

So grab your cool patch and your Disney dance mats, and let's Famicast!

This podcast was edited by Danny Bivens.

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The artwork for the show was designed by Tony Losoya, follow him on Twitter @Tony_Losoya


TOPHATANT123September 17, 2015

Did no one play the Project Treasure beta?

Sairus get yourself an external HDD, but make sure you get one of these as well http://www.amazon.com/EZOPower-Micro-B-Cable-Computer-Laptop/dp/B00DDNXLFW
Basic Boyz for lyfe, you are going to need a hard drive if you want to download anything anyway so why not just get the basic?

Here's some footage of Segata Sanshiro performing his signature move, in a Nintendo game no less.

The show wouldn't be the same without Ty, although the second half of the last episode without JC was kinda awkward, like episode 76 of RFN awkward. It's the group dynamic that really makes it "pleasurable".

famicomplicatedJames Charlton, Associate Editor (Japan)September 18, 2015

Thanks for the nice comments duder!
I have to agree, any episode with none or less of me would be disappointing and not worth listening too.
Probably the same for Ty too.

But in all seriousness, thanks much for listening, and keep posting tips/advice/complaints for Sairus.

OedoSeptember 21, 2015

C'mon James. Are you really trying to put the kibosh on Ty's Naruto 4 talk on account of him bringing it up too often after you talked about Splatoon for the third straight episode, a game which has been covered ad nauseam on seemingly every Nintendo podcast for the past four months, including on this very show by three different hosts :p

In all seriousness I enjoy getting the Splatoon updates. After going hard for the first couple of months I honestly have not touched the game in a while, so it's cool to hear about what's new in the game. But I also enjoy hearing about obscure and Non-tendo stuff from Ty (though I acknowledge that I may be in the minority there). You and Danny do a great job of covering all the major Nintendo releases (unless it happens to be an RPG), so it's nice to hear about something I might not otherwise be familiar with from Ty. Sarius has not been on enough episodes for me to pigeonhole him yet, so I'll give him the honorary(?) title of "man-toy guy" in the interim.

Great show again guys. I look forward to hearing your thoughts on TGS, more Super Mario Maker talk, and Danny telling more people to go fuck themselves.

famicomplicatedJames Charlton, Associate Editor (Japan)September 26, 2015

Ah, you're forgetting that I'm exempt from all criticism and accusations of being a hypocrite. It's written in the Famicast contract that all co-hosts have to sign!

Glad to hear you're enjoying the banter, unfortunately I didnt see this message in time for episode 65 (that's already been recorded, in editing now) but I'll mention it in ep66!

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