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Episode 30: CHIBICAST

by Danny Bivens and Ty Shughart - November 29, 2013, 5:51 pm EST
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A small dose of Japan comes your way just in time for the (American) Thanksgiving weekend.

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We hope you’ve set aside some more time after you listen to the 4th Annual NWR Live Telethon recordings because a new episode of the Famicast is here to fill your ear holes! This month is a bit of a short episode as Danny, Ty and Tim talk a little bit more about the hot new rhythm game, Daigasso! Band Brothers P for Nintendo 3DS. There’s also a discussion about the series as a whole and Ty even fills us all in on what possibly happened to cause the original DS game to never come to North America - it’s kinda funny and hopefully the real excuse this series has never seen the light of day in that region! All this and a bit about news here Japan in a bite sized episode of the Famicast!

As always, be sure to send any and all questions Japan related to famicast@nintendoworldreport.com or post on the "Questions for the NWR Japan Crew Thread.”

This podcast was edited by Danny Bivens.

Music for this episode of The Famicast is used with permission from 8 Bit Weapon. You can purchase their music and shirts from their website 8bitweapon.com

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