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Episode 28: TGS 2013 - FOR THE FUTURE

by Danny Bivens, James Charlton, Daan Koopman, and Ty Shughart - September 27, 2013, 10:48 pm EDT
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The Famicrew talks about the few and the proud Nintendo titles that appeared at TGS 2013, the future of the Famicast and more!

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It's that time of the year again. Tokyo Game Show 2013 is a thing that happened and the Famicrew has your back with impressions of games that were at the event! The show kicks off with Danny and the Fami-father, James Charlton, as they talk about the games that Danny got to play on one of the business days. Listen in as the guys discuss Theatrhythm Final Fantasy: Curtain Call, Gaist Crusher, Hatsune Miku: Project Mirai 2 and more! Recorded in our studio in Chiba prefecture (aka James’ apartment), the guys had to keep it quiet to not wake up the resident baby, so we apologize for the segment being a little quiet! There is only so much enhancing we can do to the audio!

The second segment comes straight from the show floor on Saturday, September 21, as Danny catches up with Ty and talks about Killer Instinct and other general craziness from the show floor. From there, the show ends with Danny and Daan talking about Monster Hunter 4 and a few bits of news that hit throughout the month of September. You will also want to be sure to stick around to hear a special notice about the future of the Famicast.

The music segments used throughout this episode (sans one, which is the theme for Jago in the new Killer Instinct) are from a live concert that was held at TGS by Falcom’s JDK Band. The track is from Ys Book One and titled, “First Step Towards War.” You will also want to check out the AWESOME Famicast poster that Famicast fan, Tony, submitted (which you can see on this page and in the “Future of the Famicast” chapter of the show). Famicast a go-go, baby!

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TGS 2013 - Falcom's JDK Band - First Step Towards War (Ys Book One)

This podcast was edited by Danny Bivens.

Music for this episode of The Famicast is used with permission from 8 Bit Weapon. You can purchase their music and shirts from their website 8bitweapon.com

Additional music for this episode of The Famicast is copyrighted to Nintendo, and is included under fair use protection.


chilenozoSeptember 29, 2013

Nice touch on Yamauchi and the founding of the industry as it is.

I thank NWR for bringing the topic on few podcast now, and I was kind of disappointed for the treatment of his death I saw on other sites....yeah GTAV sells and everyone was talking about it...but for the industry followers and not fanboys, this was an important event.

Besides NWR and other Nintendo sites, IGN and Kotaku had descent discussions about it...Gamespot was pretty silent other than a, surprisingly classy minute of silence (who was really a minute) on their game news. GT had nothing!

I played MH3U demo back when it was launched, and felt the grind and initiation very boring and the graphics were meh, ok. I just bought it after the 50% off digital offer, and I can say I'm loving it...after the initial, not 2 hrs, but I'd say 6+ hrs to really finally get the game and feel like you can challenge many monsters. Definetely I will play more of this game (now 20+ hrs) and now I desire that MH4 comes to the west, and hopefully the WiiU.


I can't remember but I don't think you guys mentioned that Nintendo doesn't participate on the Tokyo Game Show at all, for years now, and they even don't encourage 3rd parties to show their games for Nintendo platforms. Some listeners may no be aware of this and it's worth to remind them every time the TGS is covered.

Hey, man! Thanks for the shout out! We always appreciate comments!

1.) About Yamauchi, there really isn't more that I can say that I didn't say on the episode or that other people didn't say. It sucks and to be honest, I haven't had a lot of free time lately to see what other responses from around other sites were (I'm a few weeks behind on every podcast I listen to!). It's good to hear that some of the bigger sites mention it!

2.) If I were a betting man, I would say that MH4 coming to Wii U is inevitable. Expect it sometime in 2016 in the West. :-p

3.) Ya know, I just kind of went in to the show assuming that everyone knew that. It's good to point that out that, though. Nintendo doesn't do jack diddly for TGS and they probably never will. They HAD a good excuse when Spaceworld was around...

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