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What's Up With the 3DS Version of Mega Man Legacy Collection?

by Bryan Rose - June 17, 2015, 1:11 am EDT
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Bryan wonders what changes, if any, we'll see with the 3DS version of the blue bomber's first six adventures.

When Mega Man Legacy Collection was announced a few weeks ago, it was somewhat of a disappointment for me. I had wanted something something new in the Mega Man series for a while now, and although a remastered collection sounds nice, that wasn’t what I had in mind for a new entry in the Mega Man series. But I remain optimistic on this compilation of the first six games - it could wind up being a blast to play.The real problem, however, is the 3DS version of Mega Man Legacy Collection. While I did play the game on the show floor, this particular version was nowhere to be found, which raises a couple of questions.

I asked about the 3DS version of the game when I first arrived to play, but it wasn't there. When I inquired about the status of this,particular version of the game, I didn’t get a lot of comments. All that was said that it would be out this winter. Nothing on what would be added, removed, changed- zip, nada, nothing. I assumed I’d get these kind of comments since the game wasn’t on the show floor to be demonstrated, but I got less of an reaction than expected. I wanted something, anything other than a tentative release date, but got nothing.

But I don't want to make boo boo faces when it comes to Legacy Collection. I played the Xbox One version and had a fun time dying a lot (hey, it happens in Mega Man). Both Mega Man and Mega Man 2 brought back some fun memories. Mega Man 2 remains one of my favorite Mega Man games from long ago, and in HD it looks fantastic. The challenge modes, where you complete a set of obstacles in a set amount of time in various stages of certain Mega Man games, was indeed just that- a great challenge that brought back memories of dodging lasers and spikes as you fall to the floor, giant tigers that need that right weapon to wipe out, precision jumping, annoying enemies, just about anything and everything that make a 2D Mega Man what it is. As far as home consoles go, Mega Man Legacy Collection looks to deliver what it sets out to do - provide remastered editions of Mega Man games people have come to love for nearly 3 decades.

But I’m starting to wonder about just what kind of remastering we’re getting with the 3DS version. It won't get full 1080p support, but I'm sure it will still be nice - every asset from these first six Mega Man games have been cleaned up for a better, clearer picture. But I almost must bring up the question when it comes to graphics..why isn't there a Wii U version? Certainly if a game promising new HD graphics and cool retro is coming to two other HD consoles, the Wii U would have been a better fit here.

Perhaps when it comes to this lack of 3DS information, it’s just over thinking on my part. Maybe it’s still in a early development state, thus the later release date and lack of a demo. But its absence at E3, in the very least, raises some questions. What can we expect from this version? Would the 3DS receive different options when it comes to filters, or other additions that home consoles won't get? We don't have answers yet, and they won't come today. so while Mega Man Legacy Collection has a ton of potential of being a fun look at Mega Man's history, let's just hope whatever the 3DS version brings will be the collection Nintendo fans deserve - as faithful as it can be to its home console counterpart.


azekeJune 17, 2015

The development of 3DS port probably hasn't even started yet.

It just shows how little Cacpcom cares about 3DS despite it having bigger install base than both of MS & Sony latest consoles combined.

I fully suspect 3DS version only exists so that they can co-develop it alongside inevitable mobile version.

ClexYoshiJune 17, 2015

it's going to become Vaporware, the the GBA version of the Anniversary collection.

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