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5 Dream Nintendo Games for E3 2015

by Neal Ronaghan - June 4, 2015, 8:24 am PDT
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Guaranteed to infuriate you when they never get announced or your money back.

When it comes to E3 predictions, logic is a good thing to focus on. Logically, Nintendo’s show this year should contain a few surprises. Logically, most of 2015’s lineup has already been announced. Logically, anything that’s show-stopping is a year or more out. But that doesn’t mean we can’t dream. So, I took it upon myself to come up five game ideas that I’d love to see happen, even if the chances for most of them are slim to none and slim is out in the back with a knife through his back.

Grand Theft F-Zero

Last year, I wrote about my dream F-Zero game, where you control Captain Falcon in Mute City, taking on bounty hunter missions while cruising around and racing in the Blue Falcon. My desire for this ridiculous concept hasn’t let up. I want to see F-Zero come back in a big, bad way, and those Mario Kart 8 tracks, while amazing, just aren’t enough. I doubt this game will ever happen, but just find a western developer (if only Radical and Pandemic weren’t shrunken/closed) and hand them the reins to this concept. Maybe this is a game Retro Studios or Next Level Games could be working on, or maybe there’s some form of this project developing in the same portion of EAD that spawned Splatoon.

New Super Mario 64

I was reminded of how much I adore Super Mario 64 when it came out on Wii U Virtual Console earlier in the year. To this day, the Nintendo 64 launch game is an absolute masterpiece. While I do love the Galaxy games, I feel like part of Mario 64’s magic was lost in the evolution. Galaxy’s stages were mostly linear, whereas the levels in Mario 64 were brilliant little worlds that you could explore and sequence break to your heart’s content. I want to see 3D Marios get back to that, and while it seems like we will have to wait until the NX for the next great 3D Mario game, I don’t see why we can’t have a New Super Mario 64, bringing the 3D series back in the same way that New Super Mario Bros. revived side-scrolling Mario games.

I do think that, even if a chunk of EAD Tokyo is focused on the next great 3D Mario game, that studio produces New Super Mario 64. 1UP Studio, formerly known as Brownie Brown, could be a potential co-developer for such a project. That team helped out with Super Mario 3D Land, 3D World, and Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker. However, they also aren’t that big of a studio. My guess is that, if this far-flung dream turns out to be reality, New Super Mario 64 is a 3DS game.

Metroid 3DS

Since Miyamoto made the comments last E3 about how he sees a future for Metroid in both traditional and "Prime style," I’ve grappled with what I’d prefer to see. The Prime series is really immaculate; even the oft-maligned second game is amazing in its own right. However, Super Metroid (and to a lesser extent Zero Mission and Fusion) is spectacular, and I want to see more games just like that. While indie developers are helping out with that a lot (Thanks Axiom Verge! Please come to Wii U someday), I would love to see Samus strap on her 2D Varia Suit and side-scroll her way through some Metroid-infested world.

If that were to happen, make it a stereoscopic 3D-enhanced game similar in style to The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds. We know Next Level Games worked on a Metroid prototype. They have 3DS experience thanks to Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon. We know they’ve been working on something for about two years. Please, for the love of all that is Chozo, make that game be a Metroid game.

If Next Level isn’t working on this fantastical project, then maybe Team Ninja will get another stab at a 2D/3D hybrid on Wii U? Maybe Retro Studios is truly coming back to fix the ship they righted once before all those years ago?

Nintendo Sports Mix

The name I came up for this idea is stupid. I’m not even going to try to defend it. I trust that if this game is floating around over in Japan, the powers that be come up with a bunch better name that doesn’t call to mind the mediocre Square Enix-developed Mario Sports Mix.

I recently wrote about how I think Wii Sports will make a comeback at this E3. I guess to be more specific, I think that the director of Wii Sports, Takayuki Shimamura, is working on a new game. He hasn’t worked on anything major since 2012, after all. Maybe Shimamura is working to make the Smash Bros. or arcade sports games.

As some of you might know, one of my all-time favorite game genres is the hyper-specific “goofy arcade soccer game.” I don’t really enjoy FIFA much; I just love stuff like Sega Soccer Slam and Mario Strikers. To me, Acme All-Stars, the Tiny Toon Adventures sports compilation on the Genesis, is the preeminent sports game of all time. While Strikers certainly scratched that itch, it’s been quite a long time since the last game. Imagine if Shimamura and the team at EAD (maybe with some help from Camelot?) worked on something that combined multiple Nintendo universes into a collection of deeper sports games. Make it four sports, paying a little homage to Mario Sports Mix, but make those sports soccer, tennis, golf, and baseball. This game could even be ripe for a free-to-play design where, much like Wii Sports Club, you can buy the games piecemeal or even rent them for a night.

StarTropics Prime

Imagine, if you will, a brief lull during the Nintendo Digital Event. Open to a body of water as the camera slowly pans to a tropical island. This music kicks in as the peaceful village of Coralcola is shown in beautiful cel-shaded 3D. Then, things get dark, as ridiculous-looking Uncharted gameplay is shown as twentysomething Mike Jones throws a yo-yo at fantastical enemies.

I could barely keep a straight face while I wrote that, but wouldn’t that be ridiculously awesome? That might be the perfect project for Retro Studios, but maybe the Pandora’s Tower developer Ganbarion could take a stab at bringing back the StarTropics series for a new age. Or most likely not, as the team at Ganbarion probably doesn’t know what StarTropics is because it never came out in Japan. I hope I’m wrong, but man, there is no chance in hell StarTropics ever come back.



ThunderRazorJune 04, 2015

I love the idea of F-Zero. It would be cool if the tracks were unlocked for racing after some story event.  Say you race through White Land 1 to capture a bounty and then it gets unlocked in race mode.  Once you unlock all the tracks for a cup you can race for that cup.  I'd go crazy for that game.


New Super Mario 64


To the name, I'd love a 3D platformer in the same vein.

Ian SaneJune 04, 2015

When presented as "New Super Mario 64" my initial reaction is that like NSMB the idea would be to rehash Mario 64 in a very generic way that plays to nostalgia and familiarity.  There is no reason it HAS to be like that but that seems to be what Nintendo uses the "New" naming convention for.

I've never been that interested in Super Mario 3D Land/World because I feel the fixed camera is to make the 3D games more resemble the 2D ones which sell better and are more accessible.  With 3D Mario it all feels like the goal is to get less complex as the series goes.  64/Sunshine were quite open, the Galaxy games streamline everything into singular goals and paths and then 3D Land/World takes it a step further and uses a fixed camera the entire time.  The design philosophy seems to be that casuals love 2D Mario but not 3D Mario so they need to make 3D Mario less complex and less intimidating (and effectively less interesting).  Of course the corporate philosophy of "X is popular so make everything like X" is very flawed and throws away the concepts of demographics, target audiences or just plain old variety.  If you're going to make 3D Mario more and more like 2D Mario why even have two series in the first place?

What I want is a 3D Mario where the design philosophy is go big and make the ultimate 3D platformer.  It can have some 3D exploring areas like 64 or levels that are single goal like Galaxy or, hell, throw in some 2D levels if there are good ideas to be used.  The Galaxy games had parts where the camera moved to a side view but they did all sorts of cool stuff that NSMB never dares to do.  If it's fun and it has something to do with jumping around I say it belongs in the game.

Super Mario 64 was a very ambitious game.  There was the possibility that its new ideas would turn some fans off and would be too complex for some to wrap their heads around (for example my brother loves the NES and SNES games but was completely turned off by 64) but it was still awesome enough that it was very successful.  And while a more ambitious game is not as "safe" as NSMB, NSMB did jack shit for selling Wii U's.  When Mario games were system sellers they were pretty damn ambitious games.  Does Nintendo forget that Super Mario Bros. was different than anything else around and was one of the most ambitious games of its time?  That formula wasn't always tried and true.

ShyGuyJune 04, 2015

Now my E3 is RUINED if none of these show up.

ThePermJune 04, 2015


New Super Mario 64


I feel exactly the same way with Super Mario 64. There is just some magic quality Super Mario 64 possesses.

I also wanna see an HD remake of Mario 64 though as well. I have all these paper folders with awesome rendered Mario 64 graphics.


nickmitchJune 04, 2015

A Mario 64 HD remake would be cool.  Especially if Nintendo made new levels either with it or as DLC.

I could take or leave the stuff from the DS port.

UncleBobRichard Cook, Guest ContributorJune 04, 2015

This seems like as good of a place as any to dump this.


Evan_BJune 04, 2015

The only game here that would really sour me if it didn't appear is Metroid. The series is due for another installment.

I think that, as Nintendo has become more adapted to developing 3D Mario, they have accepted that SM64 and Sunshine weren't really Mario games- a thoughtful look at exploring a 3D space, and it's probably a good thing that it was Mario taking that step- but Mario was never about abstract puzzle solving. So, I think that Nintendo is probably satisfied with the relatively safe nature of 3D Land/World.

I think the better suited protagonist for a collect-a-thon styled game would be Kirby. He's never really been placed properly into a 3D space, but the heavy use of powerups and wide variety of movement options would lend themselves well to the collection mechanics.

As for F-Zero, Star Tropics, and Nintendo Sports Mix... Meh.

EnnerJune 05, 2015

Ah, how I would love to see any new F-Zero thing that isn't a minigame.

A Super Mario 64 HD remake is something I see coming given the anniversary and relatively low development effort required.

Quote from: UncleBob

This seems like as good of a place as any to dump this.


The true breaker in this is thinking Nintendo gives any care towards Golden Sun or would allow Camelot to care about it enough to make a new game.

I can't imagine we will ever see a support for a 2nd GamePad, let alone a new GamePad and Pro Controller. I assume Nintendo has turned a profit this last fiscal year in no small part due to cost-cutting measures. Introducing a new, expensive accessory to an ailing platform is not cost-cutting and strikes me as a bad gamble.

TOPHATANT123June 05, 2015

Quote from: UncleBob

This seems like as good of a place as any to dump this.


There will not be any more Mario Kart dlc, the unspoken rule is that once you sell a season pass you cannot then go back and add more content and expect people to pay for it, that's just how it works. The Mario kart 8 dlc is very high in quality and I expect it has caused significant delay to Mario Kart 9, so the short term gain has harmed them in the long term.

The damning thing for me is that there will be a Wii U Exitetruck! Do you realise how much of a commercial failure Excite bots was? It's more likely we will see the next installment in the Disaster Day of Crisis franchise than another non-reboot Exite game.

The only thing that's caused "significant delay" to Mario Kart 9 is the fact that there isn't another system yet and Namco's arcade team is working on Pokkén Tournament.

Nintendo didn't sell it as a "Season Pass," though, did they? They were pretty clear up front that what they were selling was a two-pack, I don't think people would be upset if they went back and did more. I'd certainly buy a pack of actual battle arenas if they wanted to go back and fix that mess.

Quote from: NWR_insanolord

Nintendo didn't sell it as a "Season Pass," though, did they? They were pretty clear up front that what they were selling was a two-pack, I don't think people would be upset if they went back and did more. I'd certainly buy a pack of actual battle arenas if they wanted to go back and fix that mess.

You're right, they were marketed as DLC pack 1 & 2. 

SorenJune 05, 2015

That Pastebin link is hilarious. The leaker should have at least included a mention of XCX or Fatal Frame 5 to at least throw people off the scent. The GamePad bit makes no sense whatsoever.

Also, Lucas has just been announced as coming out on the 14th so there's the first bit that's wrong.

Mop it upJune 05, 2015

I don't care about F-Zero.

I want a new 3D Mario, but the title of "New Super Mario 64" makes me cringe. I want a new Super Mario 64, but by that I mean I want it to do what Super Mario 64 did: offer ambitious, creative worlds. I don't want it to recycle the exact ideas used in SM64.

I'd like to see a Metroid for 3DS, no matter what form. It's been a long time since we've gotten a new Metroid game on the handheld front.

I'm honestly tired of crossover games and find them to be a cop-out. Smash Bros. is plenty as the "crossover" Nintendo series.

A new StarTropics could be interesting, as it lets them make an adventure game like Zelda, but with a more modern setting and do things that they can't/don't do with Zelda.

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