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Toys 'R' Us, Kmart, Offering Launch Day Deals for 3DS Games

by James Jones - March 24, 2011, 1:49 pm EDT
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A trip to Kmart and Toys "R" Us could save you cash for maximizing your 3DS library.

Toys "R" Us is offering a buy one, get one half off deal to all customers who purchase Nintendo 3DS games at the retailer when 3DS launches this Sunday. With most 3DS games costing $39.99 this will cut the cost of two games from $80 to $60.

Kmart is also offering $25 towards the purchase of one 3DS game to all customers who purchase a 3DS from them this Sunday.

An adventurous consumer could save $45 by buying their 3DS and one game at Kmart, and then buying two others at Toys R Us.


AVMarch 24, 2011

Toy R us is tempting because it's right next to where I live.

However I already have my 3DS paid for and Pilotwings Paid for in full. So money is sort of stuck at gamestop. I guess I could move the money to another game in the future, than go to Toys R Us and pick up Pilot Wings. I'm not into street fighter, or racing games, and steel diver looks OK and kind of slow paced. Bust a move might be good at 1/2 half, maybe even Rayman 2 (rumor has it they messed up ). I don't know

XprSMarch 24, 2011

You could always cancel your Gamestop stuff and get your cash back....unless you paid in trade ins of course.

KITT 10KMarch 25, 2011

As tempring as it is to go there, I prefer to go to GameStop that I live near. I'm in there so much I know the staff and they know me. Plus the PowerUp points reward card they have that I'm in rolled in kinda tips it back into their favor. But hey, everyone has their favorite place to get their games at I suppose.

AVMarch 25, 2011

i'm not really wanting a 2nd game even at half price. I also want to pick it up at midnight

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