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Hug Buttons and Classic Games

by Andrew Brown - April 19, 2012, 11:32 am PDT
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Draw some stuff. Win some stuff. Get some hugs!

In celebration of our first Game Club and the wonderfully cuddly game in focus, Nintendo World Report is holding an art competition!

I want to see what you, dear readers, can come up with in response to the question;
What if classic video games had a hug button?”.
What would happen if that one favorite game of yours had a hug button just like A Boy and His Blob? How would it be different? What would happen? It's up to your creativity!

I'm looking for cute, funny or ridiculous ideas, and we have a most epic prize for the artwork that we deem the most worthy of adoration.

The prize we have on offer is an original animation frame from A Boy and His Blob, framed and signed by the development team at WayForward!


1. To enter send us some artwork (it may be a drawing, a short comic or an animated gif) and the title of the game to contest(at)nintendoworldreport.com with the subject "hug button competition".

2. "Classic video game" means "anything popular enough to have a fanbase", it can be from any console generation including this one.

3. The game in question need not necessarily be on a Nintendo platform, but is preferred.

4. Deadline for entries is May 3, 2012, midnight EST.

5. Winners will be contacted by email. If they do not respond within 3 (three) days the prize will be awarded to someone else.

6. The winner is chosen at the discretion of the judges and is not open for review.

7. The prize is an original, framed A Boy and His Blob animation frame, signed by the WayForward team.

8. All entries become property of Nintendo World Report to use without permission.

9. Nintendo World Report reserves the right to change the rules at any time, without advance notice.

In the meantime, here's one example that my girlfriend and I collaborated on to get the ball rolling (click to see the full resolution, of course).

What if Zelda: Ocarina of Time had a hug button?

I'll announce the winner and post up the entries we get in a few weeks' time, and keep checking back for more content in our first ever NWR Game Club.

Credit for the Link picture goes to myself and my gorgeous girlfriend. I'd give her the prize if I could.



ejamerApril 19, 2012

Holy shnikes!  Awesome prize, and great comic to get the game started.  Well done!

Padawan of WinduApril 19, 2012

Oh hells yes will I will be entering.  I LOVE A Boy and His Blob!

NinSageApril 19, 2012


Boy and Blob hugging is my cover image on facebook.  Heck yes I'm entering.  Time to put that tablet PC purchase to good use!

Pixelated PixiesApril 24, 2012

I threw something together on Colours! 3D, but I have to say it looked far better in 3D. If you want to see it in 3D search for 'Hug Louie' in the Colours! 3D Gallery.

TaffypoolApril 27, 2012

I've got a really good idea for a drawing.

Now the only question is...in this particular drawing, who should be the hugged and who should be the hugger...

SBBApril 30, 2012

I should be finished with my entry tomorrow!

Padawan of WinduMay 02, 2012

Hey just to be clear, is this due tonight at midnight or tomorrow at midnight? I'm rushing to get mine done, but having two jobs gets in the way.

Let's say tomorrow at midnight (so, in roughly 32 hours)

CericMay 02, 2012

I've had a couple ideas and no ability to get them out of my head.

SPP25May 07, 2012

I did one with Pushmo!!!! Did you see it?

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