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Episode 207: Catching Doduo At The Desk

by Daan Koopman, Carmine Red, and Bryan Rose - July 23, 2016, 5:50 pm EDT
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This is truly the power of Pokémon Go.

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Hello and welcome to episode 207 of Connectivity. This week's show is hosted by Daan, Bryan and Carmine.

In non-Pokémon GO games, Bryan has been playing Super Mario RPG, but since we'll probably talk about that later he tries his hand at becoming the next Dana White in World of Mixed Martial Arts 4 on the PC. Carmine is giving away some amiibo (rules can be found here) but also has plunged into the quirky eShop titles The Battle Cats POP! and Unholy Heights (along with nonTendo mobile game Tiny Tower). Daan has been fighting off blocks in Tumblestone and dealing with the number one threat to Europe and Australia in Teddy Together while dealing with other larger threats in Monster Hunter Generations.

For the main discussion, it's all Pokémon Go. We look at the game's launch and what can be done to improve it, as well as curse the abundance of various wild Pokémon and examine what the runaway success of Go means for the Pokémon franchise in general.

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TOPHATANT123July 23, 2016

I burst out laughing at 'Memeing'.

azekeJuly 23, 2016

That Teddy Together bear voice IS indeed some nightmare material.

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