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Connectibites News Digest: August 13, 2012

by Neal Ronaghan and Scott Thompson - August 13, 2012, 9:21 pm EDT
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Paper Mario's coming out in November. Luigi's Mansion is delayed. What do we got to say?

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Neal wrangled Scott on down to the Connectibies 3DS Release Date Round-Up and the two of them hooted and hollered over the hootenanny that is the 3DS late 2012 lineup.

The gang celebrate games they want, like Paper Mario: Sticker Star and Epic Mickey: Power of Illusion, while lamenting the delay of Castlevania: Long-Ass Name 3D and Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon.

Shoot us a line on the e-mails if you want to check in with us on news stuffs or just how we're doing. We generally like people. We'll even field alternate subtitles for Paper Mario.

This podcast was edited by Neal Ronaghan. The music over the ending is from a GameCube game. Guess. If you get it right, you're awesome.


KisakiProjectAugust 14, 2012

Hey guys.  Pushing back LM2 sucks & all but it wasn't a major title anyways.  I think Nintendo is putting all their hope into NSMB2 & the XL.

The Nintendo titles are pretty niche to different sections of the Nintendo fanbase.  I doubt LM2 would have appealed to everyone either.

For me this is a great opportunity to pick up 3rd party titles.  For me my 3DS collection is 8 1st party & 2 3rd party titles.  So  I'm excited on 3rd party offerings.

Code of Princess & Adventure Time (Zelda 2) are enough for me to be happy.  Plus I'm sure Zero Escape, Skylanders, Epic Mickey will keep a lot of people happy.

I dunno I don't think LM2 delay is a huge deal.  I think everyone will find a few games this fall to enjoy.

I've said it before in other parts of the site, but I totally agree that LM2 isn't a giant marquee game. It is a mid-tier title, on the same level of something like Kid Icarus: Uprising or Paper Mario: Sticker Star. Nowhere close to your Zelda and your main Mario games.

My issue with its removal from the fall lineup is that it removes a solid mid-tier game from an already weak lineup (weak not as in quality, as in no surefire fall superhit). NSMB2 solves part of that, but it's disappointing to me as both a fan and an analyst to see that NSMB2 is the big fall game. I was hoping that because it was an August release, we'd be getting an embarrassment of riches in the fall.

Also, while there are totally great third-party games this fall, there is that part of me that feels its weaker than last fall. You mentioned five third-party games. To me, that's like it, and some of those are games (ZE, CoP) I still might not go out and get. Last year, I was totally overwhelmed by 3DS games. This year? It seems very manageable. Who knows, though. Maybe some eShop stuff will make up for the little bit that's missing.

baba_944August 14, 2012

Music: F-zero.

    On topic. Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon maybe not as popular as the rest of the new games coming out, but it's highly anticipated among 3DS owners like myself. So when I heard that the game got moved to Q1 2013 for US it got me excited because they will tweak out the minor bugs, glitches, make the game look amazing like Luigi's Mansion. Also for Paper Mario: Sticker Star it is one of my really highly anticipated titles for the 3DS which I will be getting for Christmas.

  And maybe for the Wii U Gamecube Virtual Console they should release Luigi's Mansion for those who never played the game when it first came out 11 years ago. And as for Paper Mario: Sticker Star same thing. Release Paper Mario Thousand Year Door for the Wii U Virtual Console and your all set NINTENDO. I hated Super Paper Mario so I am glad they did not use mechanics from Paper Mario: Sticker Star. I don't mind a little, but not a whole lot like Pixels being partners, etc. All in all I say this will be a fantastic Christmas for Mario like last year, and early 2013 for Luigi as well.


Quote from: baba_944

Music: F-zero.


Anyone else? Note: whenever I edit, it's always related to a game mentioned in the episode.

joshnickersonAugust 14, 2012

Paper Mario: Thousand Year Door. Xnauts Base music.

Quote from: joshnickerson

Paper Mario: Thousand Year Door. Xnauts Base music.

You are awesome.

xcwarriorAugust 24, 2012

Way to ignore the third party stuff. To keep this post short, I'm just gonna say you read off the Nintendo stuff, and then were like, "well 3 games isn't much." OK, for those of us whose job isn't to beat games in 1-3 days to post a review, 3 games is a lot. Plus you'll have Wii U stuff. So just saying you get 3 games for that, that's 6 games or, in money terms = $300 (40x3 +60x3) plus Wii U ($250 at least).

And there is good stuff coming, I for one and looking forward to Unchained Blades on 3DS eShop, and fluidity as mentioned.

Way to ignore most of what we said. :P

Remember: Every writer at Nintendo World Report is a volunteer. We might be massive superfans and all, but its not like we get paid to play games. Most of us play a lot of games because we want to.

I still stand by what I said, in that there is no 3DS game that I think is a surefire hit (outside of NSMB2, which is technically a summer release). To me, that's not good. Yes, I'm excited for Paper Mario/Layton/Adventure Time/Epic Mickey, but none of those games seem like a game that would sell the majority of people on going out and buying a 3DS. Last year, Mario 3D Land was like that.

And if I look at a list of fall games for one of my favorite systems of all time and I think "well, that's manageable to play what I want to" than I believe there is an issue, considering the fall is usually the time when everyone gets stupid overwhelmed with games and can't finish them all.

I don't play nearly as many games as you think I do. And I can say that the majority of the NWR staff doesn't play as many games as you think we do. We're too busy recording podcasts, writing stuff, etc. etc.

So, when we complain over a lackluster release lineup, we're not saying it from the position of someone who is required to play games because of their full-time job; we're saying it as someone who took their preferred hobby far too seriously.

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