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Xenoblade Chronicles North American Unboxing

by Neal Ronaghan - March 20, 2012, 4:50 pm EDT
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It's real. Nintendo of America was not pulling an elaborate prank.

Xenoblade Chronicles came in today, and while I won't be reviewing it, I figured I'd show off its fancy reversible cover and other niceties.

Remember, if you want this game, you have to get it at GameStop or Nintendo's online store.

Here's the game, in all its regular lame cover glory (see the reversible cover glory by looking up, or actually going to the website to read this. :P).

Here's the innards of the game.

And here's the reversible cover outside of its boxy confines.



Olimar77March 20, 2012

I've got this pre-ordered and paid in full at GameStop. Can't wait. My goal is to finish Skyward Sword (and get back into A Boy and His Blob) before it releases.

jarodeaMarch 20, 2012

Ugggh, still don't like having to either patronize Gamestop or give my monies directly to NOA.  Oh well, Xenoblade is more than worth it.
Sticking with the main cover.

BeautifulShyMarch 20, 2012

Got it preordered at Gamestop and I found the pre order receipt in my room and tucked it away for release in a safe spot. Payed off in full. I like the reversable cover. I will be trying to finish up Metroid Prime from my backlog before I start the the game.

TheFleeceMarch 21, 2012

I ordered my copy directly from NOA, I never ever have fun when I go into a Gamestop. The reverse cover is nice because it's just a huge image, it would be a nice poset. I've got to get into Rhythm Heaven more before it arrives.

NinSageMarch 21, 2012

Love the reveling in this awesomeness.  +1 Neal.

PS - I chuckled at this: "It's real. Nintendo of America was not pulling an elaborate prank."

roykoopa64March 21, 2012

Nice! I have my order with NOA, looking forward to playing this.

SeacorMarch 21, 2012

Quote from: TheFleece

I ordered my copy directly from NOA, I never ever have fun when I go into a Gamestop.

I also ordered directly from Nintendo.  I haven't walked into a Gamestop in years.

donsswordApril 06, 2012

Bought it today, factory sealed at Gamestop, without a pre-order. It looked like they had about a dozen copies behind the counter.

I was going to hold out and buy directly from Nintendo (to send my "message" about how I choose to buy my games), but I got weak, and was able to actually have it in my hands.

On the plus side, I also snagged a "like new" copy of "Mega Man Anniversary Collection" for Gamecube--turns out the cashier had actually traded it in from his own personal collection.

CaterkillerMatthew Osborne, Contributing WriterApril 06, 2012

Man can't wait for mine to come in! I wonder how long until it arrives from NOA? Is it expected to ship today?

Most of the people I know who ordered from NOA are getting charged today, so the orders should be going out shortly.

I have to confess something, though: Last night was the first time I ever got the "Sorry, this game isn't out yet" error from Club Nintendo.

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