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Episode 315 - Monkeying Around

by Perry Burkum, Alex Culafi, and Casey Gibson - September 22, 2022, 6:37 pm EDT
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Jerruh forgets what time it is, but that doesn't stop Balex and Cassidy from getting down to business with Return to Monkey Island and Trails From Zero. Once lazybones shows up he brings with him some Kaze and the Wild Masks impressions plus more!

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OO-OO-AHH-AHH! GRAHOOHOO! It's time for another episode of TNP, and we got some good stuff for ya!

Alex and Casey start out the show a man short with talk about bachelor parties and Dunkin Donuts. After a bit, we jump into what we've been playing! Alex has been playing retro revival Return to Monkey Island, and he tells us about how beautiful the game is on Switch and how it makes a great introduction to adventure games.

Perry joins us a little later in the show as Casey tells us about The Legend of Heroes: Trails from Zero. Early thoughts: he's digging this JRPG! Speaking of digging, we give about 30 seconds of positive Shovel Knight Dig impressions (more next week) before jumping into No Place For Bravery, a Souls-Zelda-Hyperlightdrifter-like with gorgeous art and too much talking. Also more on that next week.

Alex dips at this point, so Perry and Casey close it out classic-style with Kaze and the Wild Masks talk and a lil eShop Roundup.

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