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Episode 275 - Ranch McChugget

by Perry Burkum, Alex Culafi, and Casey Gibson - December 16, 2021, 8:40 pm EST
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The boys are busy with a plethora of games this week ranging from Shovel Knight Pocket Dungeon to Loop Hero and even a lil more Death Stranding. Plus we get knee-deep in a hearty news segment!

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Howdy, Jimmies and Jimmettes. Looks like we're coming up on the end of 2021, eh? How's game of the year looking? On my (Alex's) end, it's pretty messy. Too much came out this year and I've been changing my order every time I look at it.

This ain't our game of the year episode (that's in January), but we did talk about a lot of games we played this year (mainly in the last week or so). Over an hour, if you'd believe it. I start out the what-we've-been-playings this week with more Death Stranding talk, plus some early impressions of the recently-released-on-Switch Loop Hero. Then, Perry regales us with tales of Bit.Trip Beat, Paper Mario, and Shovel Knight Pocket Dungeon (we spend a lot of time on this one). Lastly, Casey checked out The Matrix Awakens, a slick Unreal Engine 5 tech demo.

Lotta games, right? Surprisingly, we have more show after! Not eShop Roundup (haha), but some Game Awards news and Poll Time.

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