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Episode 106 - Keep Your Switch In Airport Mode, Please

by Perry Burkum and Casey Gibson - September 27, 2018, 4:19 pm PDT
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It only took about eight months and Casey's account, but Perry has finally gotten to play Celeste! But that's not all the boys talk about, we've got NES Online games, MagiCat, and the Dark Souls Network Test!

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Perry is taking full advantage of Casey's library of games, but he was most excited to finally get to try out Celeste, one of the finer platformers released this year. He's been busy though because the boys have been going head-to-head in some online NES. Ice Hockey and Dr. Mario aplenty, but also some co-op play with River City Ransom. And if that wasn't enough he also dove into some MagiCat, a surprisingly fun little game he enjoyed even if it wasn't about dogs. One game he didn't play this week was the Dark Souls Network Test, luckily Casey was there to pick up the slack. It certainly wasn't a clinic in gameplay, but he found the relentlessly tough game to be pretty darn fun.

Then after another jam packed eShop Roundup we get into the hard hitting news of the week. A brand new Pokemon has been announced! Random voice chat in more than just Mario Tennis Aces?! Telltale closing it's doors and what it means for not only the series, but the hundreds of employees. We've got plenty to keep us busy!

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