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Talk Nintendo Short - Zoink Games Interview

by Perry Burkum and David Lloyd - November 23, 2017, 7:47 am PST
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Perry and David talk with the minds behind Zoink Games!

Hello readers! NWR staffers Perry Burkum and David Lloyd had the chance to meet up with Zoink Games' Alexandra Dahlberg (Community Manager) and Mikael Forslind (Publishing, Marketing, PR, Office Manager) to chat about their newest arrival on the Switch eShop, Stick It To The Man (SITTM).

If you don't know, SITTM is a "platformer/puzzler" game where you control a character named Ray, a seemingly average joe who gets hit in the head with a mysterious object on his way back home and blacks out. When he wakes he finds that he has a "spaghetti hand" coming out of his head, that can apparently tickle the brains of others to read their minds. Playing through the game then sees Ray helping people out, solving mysteries, and meeting around 200 unique characters.

If you haven't heard or seen how Stick It To The Man, the art direction may jump out to you from the get-go. Alexandra as Mikael go on to describe it as "Zoink" style, which is also used in some of their other games.

The dialogue is an integral part of the atmosphere in SITTM. Mikael tells us that the same actors are still working today with Zoink on Flipping Death, and that they really think that part of the magic of SITTM has been from their great performances.

Give the interview a listen, for throughout the discussion the group talks more in-depth about the game, how this port is actually their first self-published game on Switch, and also fills us in on the future projects such as Fe and Flipping Death coming from Zoink.

Stick It To The Man is out now on the Switch eShop (and also the Wii U eShop)

Be sure to follow Zoink Games @ZoinkGames, Alexandra Dahlberg @thatsgreatalex and Mikael Forslind @MikaelForslind

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Perry and David sit down with Zoink Games to talk Stick it to The Man releasing on the Switch!

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