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Episode 58 - Hello New Donk City

by Perry Burkum and Casey Gibson - November 2, 2017, 3:55 pm PDT
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Spelunker Party!, Splasher, Jydge, Mario Odyssey, and more! We cover a ton of games in this jam packed episode.

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Somehow we were able to pull ourselves away from Odyssey to talk about some vidgya games, and since last week we didn’t talk What We’ve Been Playing, we got some catching up to do! Perry’s been busy reviewing as many games as he can before Odyssey’s release and that includes both Spelunker Party! and Splasher. He enjoyed both, but only one really stuck with him. Casey followed hat and has been reviewing a few games such as Super Ping Pong Trick Shot and Jydge. While the core of Jydge is solid, a huge design decision ends up making it more frustrating than enjoyable. The boys compare it with Neon Chrome (which Perry highly recommends).

With so many Switch games coming out and missing out on talking about them last week, we feature hands down the largest eShop Roundup ever! We blast through 28 Switch offerings from the last two weeks and somehow managed to live to tell the tale. Then we get into some good ol’ fashioned sales figures (unlike the Wii U days this is a good thing). The Switch is selling gangbusters and the software isn’t doing too shabby either.

The moment you’ve all been waiting for… MARIO! We figured we’d have the topic of the show be about thee most important topic and that of course is Super Mario Odyssey. We give our impressions, what we love, what is different, and even talk about our launch day experiences. We try to stay spoiler free as much as possible. There might be some talk of “minor spoilers” (ie: costumes/some specific moon talk), but don’t go too into anything too spoilery.

To wind us down from all the Mario talk, Perry treats us to his latest Craiglist find and then he springs an “I Demand You” onto Casey last second (although he might have spilled the beans earlier in the show).

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