Episode 50 - Get Outta Here, Sarah

by Perry Burkum and Casey Gibson - September 7, 2017, 4:03 pm PDT
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Mario + Rabbids impressions and then it's the thing you've all been waiting for ... I Demand You: Backlog Edition: Wii Demand U, where we look back at Star Fox Guard!

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Perry kicks off the show with a piecemeal week of gaming, touching on a few games he’s already talked about, but can’t seem to put down. Plenty of Splatoon 2 has been played, even more GoNNER and he’s been chipping away at the devilishly fun Slime-san. Definitely not a bad way to spend your gaming time! Casey on the other hand has jumped into the new hotness that is Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle. Echoing much of the positive sentiment the game has received, he’s been having a blast. Then in preparation for launch of Metroid Samus Returns, Casey dusted off his poor Wii U to play some Metroid Zero Mission (for the first time in over 13 years) and needless to say, he’s ready for more Metroid!

The last few weeks have been baron for the eShop outside of a steady flow of Switch games, but this week a title graces the Wii U eShop shelves and while it might not be game of the year, it’s still great to see stuff releasing. Speaking of great to see, we’ve got another Neo Geo release as HAMSTER keeps doing its thing. Getting into the news we touch on a bunch of different stories including Nintendo’s latest lawsuit, Famitsu’s score of Samus Returns, and of course we jump into the Splatfest results!

The long awaited "I Demand You: Backlog Edition: Wii Demand U" segment is finally upon us and we dive deep into one of the more overlooked Wii U titles, Star Fox Guard. This strange pack in / digital title is a corky 3D tower defense game, but has some clever ideas and some that ultimately fall flat. Regardless it’s an interesting title and we go in depth with the help of faithful listener Nathan Scherwinski!

Over on the ol’ YouTube Saloon make sure to check out Perry’s Super Mario Bros 3 Mini-play and our retro themed challenge where we race to see who can complete the first world in the original Donkey Kong Country!

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