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Episode 43 - Hey! Salmon

by Perry Burkum, Casey Gibson, and Neal Ronaghan - July 20, 2017, 4:09 pm EDT
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Neal Ronaghan joins us to talk about Splatoon 2! We also unveil our new YouTube shows!!

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Whoops I deleted this by accident! Neal came on and we talked vidgya games!

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azekeJuly 21, 2017

Link is wrong and leads to previous episode.

Quote from: azeke

Link is wrong and leads to previous episode.

Fixed, thanks!

ejamerJuly 23, 2017

Oh man - the Carcassonne talk was awesome. Love that game (although I love lots of other board games too).
There are some really nice video game versions of the game. Catan too. Shame we haven't seen one for any Nintendo systems since Wii.

On Wii there were a couple of direct board game conversions done for WiiWare though.  Ubuntu and Hey, That's My Fish are both decent games that got WiiWare releases.

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