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Episode 30 - Urban Blackmail

by Perry Burkum and Casey Gibson - April 20, 2017, 3:51 pm PDT
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We've been playing some games, a whole lot of games.

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Last week we decided What We’ve Been Playing could take a back seat to all the Direct news, so this week we’re back and packed to the brim with games to talk about. Casey kicks it off with the recent release of Bye-Bye Boxboy for the 3DS. The final entry in the trilogy does a lot good, but can it differentiate itself from the previous installments? Perry’s "Craiglist" finds have been plentiful lately yielding the game he’s been playing this week, Tetris DS. Replaying this title brings up all sorts of fond memories of one Perry’s favorite puzzle games ever. Turning the focus to the Switch, both the boys have been playing recent releases. Casey dove into Graceful Explosion Machine and Perry into The Jackbox Party Pack 3. Both offer a lot of fun whether you’re looking for a single player high score game or want to enjoy some knee-slapping fun with a group of friends. Rounding out What We’ve Been Playing is the return of "Nontendo" as Casey talks about his early impressions of Persona 5.

Who said the 3DS is dead? Sure as heck wasn’t us! Much like our first segment, the eShop Roundup is jam packed as well, overflowing with 3DS games and a healthy dose of Switch goodness. And how could we forget about Zombeer for the Wii U. You might think this week would be light in news with last week’s heavy hitting Nintendo Direct news, but you’d be wrong. The big topics are Switch and Zelda sales and the death of the NES Classic. RIP 11/11/16 – 4/15/17. Wrapping up the show as we always do (or almost always do), Perry has another good week at the ol’ Craiglist office.

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ejamerApril 25, 2017

Huge Tetris fan, but glad to also hear Meteos (DS) brought up in this podcast. That's a fantastic little game and one that got a lot of play when my (then: future) wife and I bought DS Lite consoles back in the day. You should definitely check it out if you get the chance - but be warned that:
(a) the game can be tough on your touch screen, and
(b) it's clearly not better than Tetris. 

There is also a licensed Disney version of Meteos available, but I prefer the original Meteos game. The Disney game is easier because it will allow you to drag blocks horizontally, and I think there are fewer unlocks and game modes available. If you love that theme, then it might be worth looking for.

Quote from: ejamer

(b) it's clearly not better than Tetris. 

I disagree! I'd rather play Meteos any day of the week  :P: .

LemonadeApril 26, 2017

Tetris DS is the best Tetris. See if you can beat by record from about 8 or 9 years ago

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