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Episode 27 - The Americast

by Perry Burkum and Casey Gibson - March 30, 2017, 6:44 pm EDT
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Danny "The Bivs" Bivens joins us for a look back at the N64DD.

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A wild guest appears! We’re lucky enough to have Danny “The Bivs” Bivens join us all the way from Japan. He kicks off What We’ve Been Playing with F Zero X for the Nintendo 64. Somehow a copy alluded him despite owning the Expansion Kit for the DD, but we’ll get into that a little later on. Casey’s been playing the most recent Switch release, Snake Pass. Getting Noodle to do what you want can be a real pain in the neck, but it sure is satisfying tackling obstacles once you finally grasp the controls. Finally Perry has dusted off his 3DS to play some Shovel Knight, but to his surprise Specter Knight isn’t available for 3DS yet, so instead he’s been playing Plague Knight. Does Plague Knights abilities stack up to those of Shovel Knight in Perry’s eyes or does he prefer the original? Closing out what we’ve been playing is a group discuss about the Splatoon 2 Test Fire, or more so the horror stories of trying to actually play for more than five minutes (sorry Danny).

Ever wanted to use your gamepad as a fish tank? Well then make sure not to miss out the eShop Roundup! Moving along to the news we touch on the recently released Treehouse (b)Log, the Joy Con fix and we wish the 3DS a Happy 6th Birthday! Oh there’s some Lego City Undercover drama involving downloading a huge file even if you buy it physical, but luckily Warner Bros has debunked it.

The return of our Compatible series is upon us and this time we dive into the Nintendo 64 Disk Drive (N64DD). We look at the short history of the console as well as some odd, but fascinating online features the system bolstered. Then we turn to talk about some games that actually released on the peripherals and others than sadly never made it to store shelves. The coolest part of this segment? Danny has one and gives us some awesome firsthand experience with this rare gem.

Also returning this episode is our I Demand You feature, although a little different twist this time. We each came with six (ish) games from our backlog with the goal of the other person picking which we’d play, and since Danny was around we had him help thin the list out. The results are... Interesting. What could they be?

Check out Danny and the Famicast on YouTube!

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famicomplicatedJames Charlton, Associate Editor (Japan)April 01, 2017

Who is this "Danny" guy anyway?

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