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Episode 872: Pack Me Like One of Your Fabergé Girls

by James Jones, Jon Lindemann, and Guillaume Veillette - April 28, 2024, 7:28 pm EDT
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You just make me feel so safe.

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Greg is out this week for the 2024 World Association Kickball League Draft. James is both exhausted and sick, so his presence is theoretical at best. Jon is... Jon. So that leave Guillaume as the only person who can be defined as present and accounted for.

Topics covered this week are: pondering Ignatius Theophorus' destructive balls (00:00:00), Jon's old-new-old-new Business with Final Fantasy XIV and the Endwalker expansion (00:08:54). Guillaume is solving crimes in a world where crime does not exist as the titular Frog Detective (00:20:29). He's also on a quest to give the world a hug in Dropsy (00:26:16). Lastly, what's old is old again in Crackdown (00:39:17), a game I believe came out in 1782. James conclude New Business by colonizing exploring the horizons in Sagres (00:51:20).

After a break, a trio of Listener Mail are worked through as best as this wounded crew can. We start by becoming one with the Atari Jaguar controller (00:53:43). We then give into our special edition FOMO (01:03:02). Lastly we try to AI your Nintendo (01:19:00). Unable to just end the show, we instead indulge Syrenne's request for RFN's resident fashionistas to render a verdict on haute couture for Pokémon and children (01:26:38).

Greg will be back next week, so get your questions in now.

This episode was edited by Guillaume Veillette. The "Men of Leisure" theme song was produced exclusively for Radio Free Nintendo by Perry Burkum. Hear more at Perry's SoundCloud. The Radio Free Nintendo logo was produced by Connor Strickland. See what he's up to at his website.

This episode's ending music is "Come back to The World (Piano ver.)" from .hack Piano Arrange Collections Vol.2, an arrangement of a track by the same name from .hack//G.U Last Recode Vol 4//Reconnection. Composition and arrangement by LieN. It was selected by James. All rights reserved by Bandai Namco Entertainment Inc.


LemonadeApril 29, 2024

I also own Crackdown 1 and 2 for some reason for free. Gui makes me more interested in trying them

EnnerApril 30, 2024

Crackdown with the Hulk: Ultimate Destruction simple pleasures.

KDR_11kMay 02, 2024

Dropsy is an affliction, it's a term for edema.

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