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Episode 717: Consider Mappy's Back

by Evan Burchfield, James Jones, Greg Leahy, and Guillaume Veillette - April 11, 2021, 4:59 pm EDT
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Sakurai is going to have to make an addition to the statue draw gulag.

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It has been over seven years, and more than 350 episodes since RFN co-founder Evan Burchfield made an appearance on this hallowed podcast. This week, thanks to Monster Hunter Rise, he returns.

With Jon out, we call on his and Greg's expertise to discuss the biggest Switch game of the day, the aforementioned Monster Hunter Rise. They discuss the Palamute, wyvern riding, and other new additions to the series. Both serve as strong advocates for newcomers to the hunt, and offer a little advice for the novice carnivore in us all. There was other news this week, with Mario's sacrificial offering being accepted, and the gods responding with PAC-MAN 99. At this point you get the story, it's a "battle royale" with Pac Man. Gui has reached the mountaintp, but those damn ghosts just wont let James reach his goal.

After a break, we really commit to clearing out the email backlog by answering... an email. Look, I'm not going to take the blame for this anymore. If you want to see us get through emails more quickly then you can put external pressure on us by sending us some good questions. Our ponderous pace is ultimately your fault, not mine. Anyway, we try to identify games that can be emulated into an online-based couch multiplayer during our year of living distantly.

This episode was edited by Guillaume Veillette. The "Men of Leisure" theme song was produced exclusively for Radio Free Nintendo by Perry Burkum. Hear more at Perry's SoundCloud. The Radio Free Nintendo logo was produced by Connor Strickland. See more of his work at his website.

This episode's ending music is Best Buddies from Monster Hunter Rise. Composition by Satoshi Hori. It was selected by Greg. All rights reserved by Capcom Co., LTD.

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