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Episode 583: Scarface's Sedative Summer Sabbatical

by James Jones, Greg Leahy, Jon Lindemann, and David Lloyd - August 5, 2018, 2:56 pm EDT
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Making a podcast is a high-risk operation, requiring nerves of steel.

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Guillaume is out this week, expressing disapproval at people who aren't us. Instead, we're joined by prolific reviewer and host of The Thirsty Mage Podcast, David Lloyd.

David joins us fresh off a trip to Steel Crate Games, where he got to play Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes, a bomb-defusion simulator, which is probably good practice for coming on this show. He's also been reviewing Cosmic Star Heroine for NWR, a bite-sized JRPG finally on its way to Switch. Jon takes to the skies with the historical oddity that is Sky Skipper. Nintendo's "lost" arcade title is finally available for general consumption, but all we're able to talk about is 1980s Miyamoto's strange ape obsession. Meanwhile, James has gone and done it now; he's playing Mega Man X Legacy Collection 1. But it's even more alarming, as he's decided it's a good idea to break down Mega Man X lore. What even is this podcast anymore? Greg saves us from this idiocy with impressions of WarioWare Gold. The original microgame series is back, so it's time to dig out the 3DS to see the best the series has to offer.

After the break we attack a duo of Listener Mail. This week we try to figure out where Nintendo's customization options are hiding, and also figure out if there's any late ports for the 3DS that can keep it alive. You can ask us about the odds of a Bayonetta 3-DS port by sending us an email.

This episode was edited by James Jones. The "Men of Leisure" theme song was produced exclusively for Radio Free Nintendo by Perry Burkum. Hear more at Perry's SoundCloud. The Radio Free Nintendo logo was produced by Connor Strickland. See more of his work at his website.

This episode's ending music is Piranha Creeper Cove, from Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker. It was requested by Ben. All rights reserved by Nintendo Co., Ltd.


LemonadeAugust 06, 2018

Thanks for reading my email this week (the Splatoon on 3DS one.) I hadn't thought of the fluid dynamics problem. I like the idea of the Splatoon themed spinoff though. Make Detective Inkling happen.
I just love the 3DS and I love Splatoon. I can dream that it could happen, but it does seem unlikely.

Dlloyd82David Lloyd, Reviews EditorAugust 06, 2018

I could settle for Detective Octoling.

EnnerAugust 07, 2018

Aww, don't be so down on Daemons X Machina. I think Marvelous is on an upswing...
Okay, I just like Fate/Extella. I don't know how DxM will turn out.

MASBAugust 07, 2018

Great episode as usual guys. David was a fantastic guest. Sometimes you forget a guest is even on the show after New Business, because they only speak every 30 minutes or so. But David had some good insight and was fun throughout. He fit right in. I know he's not new to podcasts, but it can be tough going on someone else's podcast. How his visit to Steel Crate Games came about was neat.

When James called Jon's comedy stylings a D-Minus joke, I immediately imagined Jon firing back with "I'm all about the D." I wish he had. James would probably have ended the show 20 minutes early, but the sacrifice would have been worth it. :)

I sense a persistent pattern in James in that every time a listener writes in to say "good job", "keep up the great work", etc. he deflects and says otherwise. Face the facts, man! You guys are doing good work. I think you've been running on all cylinders the past few months. Sure, you can always improve (Now Playing, anyone? RFN NFL?), but you're in a good place.

Since the 3DS is winding down I wish they would go offbeat with the ports and bring the Japan-only Chibi-Robo DS game (the good one) to the system. Why not Skip's RPG Giftpia. Or Captain Rainbow? :)

Jon's thoughts on Miyamoto's ape obsession. James and Mega Man X lore. Is Dr. Light thr true villain, etc. The way you guys find gold in the mundane is incredible.

OedoAugust 07, 2018

Game Freak has explicitly ruled out more main Pokemon games on 3DS (saying that Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon would be the last ones on the platform). Regardless of how Pokemon Let's Go performs, we know Gen 8 is coming to Switch late next year, so it doesn't really sense for them to go back at this point either. With how consistent the series has been over the past 15 years and Game Freak seeming like they are putting a lot of effort into adapting to the hardware, I don't think it's going to matter much in the end anyways (especially for the Gen 8 game, as you would expect at least one of the price or form factor of Switch to improve by late 2019).

Also, didn't know David was a fellow Canadian!

ShyGuyAugust 07, 2018

My Yankee ears detected David's Canadian accent the first time I heard him. He was a very good guest and flowed well with the crew.

ClexYoshiAugust 19, 2018

Listening to James talk about Megaman X and our fundamentally different takes on that franchise is fucking WEIRD.

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