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Episode 557: Corrugated AIBO

by James Jones, Greg Leahy, Jon Lindemann, and Guillaume Veillette - February 4, 2018, 2:08 pm EST
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I'll feed him, and love him, and pick-up after him, and tape his leg back on...

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One week removed from Nintendo abrogating their responsibility to help introverts to communicate openly, Radio Free Nintendo continues communicating far more openly than the world probably wants. We kick off New Business with Greg offering impressions of Celeste. The highly praised, highly difficult, and highly customizable platformer comes with a strong recommendation. Jon claws his way out of menus to give us impressions of Monster Hunter World. After we get over embarrassing former NWR staffer Matt Walker, Jon talks about how much he loves to despoil the natural world and dress up his cats - a species known for their distaste of water - for swimming. These are things he greatly enjoys doing. Jon is a sociopath. The bitter taste of review games still lingered in James' mouth, so he pulled Titanfall 2 out of his backlog. This fast-paced, robophilic shooter/platformer has one of the most exciting single-player FPS campaigns in ages. Even if you're not into online play, the single-player alone is worth the price of admission. Guillaume closes out New Business with a duo of games. First he takes a look at the PC version of Mercenary Kings, which will be released soon for Switch. The side-scrolling shooter will fit in nicely with all the Metal Slug re-releases from Hamster in the coming weeks. He ends New Business with some final thoughts on Thimbleweed Park.

After the break, we summon the darkest magic in order to make our predictions for 2018. You demand them, and we lack the personal conviction to refuse. Listen as we get everything wrong. Honestly, if we tried to be wrong we'd probably do better. This year we're calling for a 3DS Kirby platforming game to exist. No, we know there's a Switch Kirby game coming out. And yes, there's two Kirby 3DS platformers already. Who cares, this prediction has already created the parallel reality where an already in-development Kirby game simply ceased to exist. At least we didn't have to do predictions last year, and are thus spared hearing about all the things our curse unmade.

Speaking of unmaking video games, last week we announced our Eulogy to WiiWare RetroActive plans. We're going to do two RetroActive Minis in the same week, but due to scheduling we're going to have to move the show one more week. We'll be doing our RetroActives on Bonsai Barber and You, Me and the Cubes as part of Episode 559. Please post your impressions in the talkback threads. And as always, you can send us your thoughts via our inbox.

This episode was edited by Guillaume Veillette. The "Men of Leisure" theme song was produced exclusively for Radio Free Nintendo by Perry Burkum. Hear more at Perry's SoundCloud. The Radio Free Nintendo logo was produced by Connor Strickland. See more of his work at his website.

This episode's ending music is selected by Greg: Starjump, from Celeste. Composition by ‎Lena Raine. All rights reserved by their respective holders.


EnnerFebruary 05, 2018

Good show, gents.

For posterity, a summary:

Jon #1 -
At E3 2018, Monster Hunter 5 for Nintendo Switch. Monster Hunter will return to its portable home.

James #1 -
Another Kirby game this year for Nintendo 3DS. Robobot 2! This is the easiest new game to develop for the twilight years of the 3DS. This December 2018.

Guillaume #1 -
The Nintendo Labo contingency, Nintendo Gymo. Cardboard gym equipment for adults. The second/third coming of WiiFit.

Greg #1 -
The back half of the year, September will see the NES Classic reprint at a higher price. Bundled with two controllers with longer cords. A different set or more games. "It's the future, James! It's going to happen."

Jon #2 -
Nintendo will inform the public that Metroid Prime 4 will have online multiplayer. Maybe loot crates? Chozo statues falling from the sky, bearing gacha. In 2019, we will be enjoying Metroid Prime 4 online multiplayer. "They're not gonna feel too obligated to talk about 2019 stuff." This game is going to come out in 2020.

James #2 -
Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE to Nintendo Switch. Being portable will make it much more desireable for Greg. Xenoblade Chronicles X will be ported to Nintendo Switch. James will say he will not play it. He will play it again when they finally add an ending. They will add more Skells. Skell fashion. Giant Poppi-Lila mech. Skell Savvy.

Guillaume #2 -
Kellog will put amiibo in all their sugar crap. Kellog characters will appear in Nintendo games. Tony Tiger in Smash. Lucky Charms in Punch-Out! "Aaron Ryan never made sense to me."

Greg #2 -
September will be seeing the paid online service, a year overdue. Nintendo are gonna wuss out (somewhat) on people not being able to play online for free. Nintendo are going to have to add more positive reasons to pay the $20 annual fee. Community features. Classic games. Other perks.

You gotta have a game for your new subscription service. Two candidates: Smash Bros. and Mario Maker sequel or port. Uploading levels requires the supscription, playing levels does not. "As long as they have Nintendo Home, it'll be pretty good."

Jon #3 -
Super Mario Odyssey will get a full blown expansion, reminiscent to New Super Luigi U.

James #3 -
Nintendo's rumoured Zelda mobage is real. It will be before Mario Kart Tour (due in the FY ending March 2019). 2D overhead perspective. Touch controls. Dungeon-centric. Some degree of randomness. Loot to customize Link with. Monetized with piecemeal packs. We will be surprised that the game will control pretty damn well. Or the Zelda game will be a match 3 rupee game. "Your wallet's full already!"

Guillaume #3 -
We are not getting cloud saves. Instead we will be getting an app that will translate save data to alphanumeric code. That will be transcribed to another Switch. Nintendo loves codes when it comes to online.

Greg #3 -
Animal Crossing Switch for 2018, the sequel to Animal Crossing: New Leaf - Welcome amiibo.
The Pokemon question: From the investor briefing - "Pokemon Switch - 2018 or later."
The prediction: Pokemon Switch wil come out in the FY ending in 03/2019. Maybe in the calendar year 2018.

Jon #4 -
"James, do you like money?" NINTENDOGS 2 with Labo pack!

James #4 -
The Capcom apology tour continues. The next Ace Attorney for Switch. Coming 2018, global release. Written by the main series writer, Takumi.
Gui wants Resident Evil: Deadly Silence on the Switch.

Guillaume #4 -
Nintendo didn't say no to VB. VIRTUAL BOY. The Virtual Boy Labo kit!

Greg #4 -
The Retro Studios project. We won't see it at E3 2018.
Luigi's Mansion will get a new game on Nintendo Switch. It will be more like the Gamecube game.
Crossing off Retro Brisket Challenge. Maybe in E3 2021, needs more time in the smoker.

??? -
The "Don't Forget Me" pack for Xenoblade Chronicles 2.

KDR_11kFebruary 05, 2018

Guillaume didn't get to the part of Mercenary Kings that invites the Monster Hunter comparisons, most missions consist of hunting or capturing giant bosses (usually mechs, tanks and such) and making new guns out of their parts.

Yeah, I tried to be upfront about the fact that I barely touched it. The game just lost most of its appeal when it became clear Karen wasn't interested in playing co-op. I just can't see myself going online to play this one.

mustbeburtFebruary 08, 2018

Quote from: Enner

Guillaume #2 -
Kellog will put amiibo in all their sugar crap. Kellog characters will appear in Nintendo games. Tony Tiger in Smash. Lucky Charms in Punch-Out! "Aaron Ryan never made sense to me."

That was hilarious. Gui - How about this - Kellogg will also remove all remaining Animal Crossing amiibo from store shelves and put them in select cereals as prizes that no one wants.

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