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Episode 467: Cake Boss

by James Jones, Greg Leahy, Jon Lindemann, and Guillaume Veillette - March 13, 2016, 5:27 pm PDT
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I'll just say it: the "Bravely" series is weird.

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This week's episode was cut short unexpectedly (blame James; it's okay, he writes this article), so we only had time for a New Business segment before he was rendered completely incapacitated. However, this singular focus leaves the RFN Action News Team best positioned to report from the center of the 3DS JRPG Nor'easter. Jon kicks off with coverage of the storm's progress as it travels across the Kanto Region of Pokémon Yellow, now available on the 3DS Virtual Console. Did having a monochrome electric mouse following his avatar around teach him to love again? It would have, if he had a heart. Guillaume reports from the research desk, giving up a historical primer on past JRPG waves, with his thoughts on SNES classic Breath of Fire (Wii U Virtual Console). It's a bit primitive for his tastes, and James agrees but seems unwilling to admit it. James continues to track the progress of the Fire Emblem Fates low pressure system, as he reaches the tail end of Birthright. Worryingly, it looks like there are two more storms on his horizon. Lastly, Greg switches it up with the human interest story that is Twilight Princess HD, the remake of the recently RetroActive'd GameCube and Wii Zelda game. He then puts on his rain slicker to join the rest of the RFN Action News Team in the center of the maelstrom with Bravely Second, the sequel to the never-ending Bravely Default.

RFN Action News will continue to report on the JRPG Storm of the Century next week, but we'll also have a report on your email. You can send us a tip via our inbox.

This episode was edited by Guillaume Veillette. The "Men of Leisure" theme song was produced exclusively for Radio Free Nintendo by Perry Burkum. Hear more at Bluffs Custom Music.

This episode's ending music is "Hinadori" (Baby Bird) from Bravely Default: Flying Fairy. It was composed by Revo. All rights reserved by Square Enix.


TOPHATANT123March 13, 2016

Something up with the episode?
It's fixed now cheers.

ClexYoshiMarch 14, 2016

what the glitch does is that it forces an encounter with a pokemon who's Hexidecimal address in the game's code is determined by the Special stat of the last pokemon your opponent used. the game also uses the Hex address of the last opponent's attack boosts. the way stat buffs and debuffs work in battle is that you can either increase or decrease a stat's level 6 times, which adds a multiplier to the base stat. for the purpose of hex editing, though... this means the pokemon you're generating with the trainer escape glitch is by default level 7, and can either be boosted 6 times to level 13 or it can be lowered to level 1. in Gen 1, you were never meant to get a level 1 pokemon, and level 1 pokes have a negative ammount of EXP, so... naturally, if you do a battle where your poke doesn't gain enough EXP to jump to a positive number, you underflow it's EXP value!

I'd also like to say that Wonder Trade has made completing the National Dex SO much easier. that, and ORAS hands out legendary pokemon like they're candy. it's actually REALLY easy. Friend Safari gives you a ton of stuff, hoardes, the pokeradar... I think it's actually possible through the event distrivutions they are doing for 2016 to complete the national dex with just X, Y, Omega Ruby, and Alpha Sapphire... of course, you can also pull pokemon from the following all the way up to SUn and Moon through a crazy ass daisy Chaining of hardware.

Pokemon Ruby
Pokemon Sapphire
Pokemon Collesium
Pokemon Collesium special pre-order bonus disc
Pokemon XD: Gale of Darkness
Pokemon Box: Ruby and Sapphire
Pokemon Fire Red
Pokemon Leaf Green
Pokemon Emerald
Pokemon Diamond
Pokemon Pearl
Pokemon Ranger
Pokemon Battle Revolution
Pokemon Heart Gold
Pokemon Soul Silver
Pokemon Platinum
Pokemon Ranch
Pokemon Black
Pokemon White
Pokemon Black 2
Pokemon White 2
Pokemon AR Dream Radar
Pokemon X
Pokemon Y
Pokemon Omega Ruby
Pokemon Alpha Sapphire

This doesn't even include the MULTITUDE of ways to cheat along the way; your various Action Replays, R4's, custom firmware for 3DS that lets you generate pokemon via the 3DS Web Browser, and the insane multitude of other ways to get pokes.

Pokemon X and Y was the first time I legit completed the Pokedex because this is the first generation where they included a good reward for Pokedex completion. that, and Wonder Trade made it SO goddamned easy.

It weirds me out how much mine and Guiallme's tastes in JRPGs are so opposed. At least we can agree on Kirby?

KobeskillzMarch 14, 2016

Greg I think the Wii U slows down during the fog areas due to the memory constraints and dealing with the the fog, 1080p and streaming to the gamepad at the same time. All that bottlenecks the Wii U some.

Which is amazing to think that little black box is doing the 1080p, streaming 7.1 and picture and stuff. But yeah the weak CPU maybe? Either way the fog this time works against a Nintendo system not for it like in the past. lol.

somewhere off in the distance and dark dark place the N64 laughs.

fred13March 15, 2016

I just finished listening to you rant on Fire Emblem Fates and I’d like to comment a little bit.
First of all you’re playing Birthright Casual although I don’t think you mentioned the difficulty level. My comments are coming from playing Awakening on Hard Casual and then Hard Classic (I tried Lunatic Casual and I failed miserably) and then picking up Conquest on hard Casual.
You mentioned that Awakening required more strategy than Fates, but I’ve found that I’ve had to come up with new and more brilliant strategies to get through Conquest than what I had to do in Awakening. So this made me think that Birthright is easier than Awakening and Conquest is harder than Awakening.
I’ve also found that I can’t always just bait 1 guy at a time into coming at me like I did in Awakening on Hard Classic (I didn’t have to do that on Hard Casual) but unlike you I didn’t find it as a cheap tactic. I found it as a method of forcing me to find new and different and more inventive strategies instead of just using the same strategy on every level.
I’ve also seen that Conquest isn’t the same objective every level (defeat all enemies, although there is some of that) instead it’s different objectives like the last 4 I had were take over a building, defeat the leader, protect passageway (a width of 4 squares) for 11 turns (that level was insane in a very mentally stimulating way) and Save the Sage.
I decided that in order to get the most possible enjoyment out of Fates I’d play Conquest on Hard Casual and then Birthright on Hard Classic (for me optimal enjoyment comes from having it very hard, but not impossible if I’m beating very many levels on my first try then it’s too easy and I find it boring). I chose Conquest first because I played Awakening on Classic last and wanted to shake up the style from my last play.
Last thought, you’re correct about it being harder to pick and choose which characters marry and have kids with whom. I tried doing that at first and couldn’t find ways to beat the levels AND get the right characters working side by side so I partially gave up. I still using the inviting into my quarters and the hot tub to try and build affinity and where possible I do it on the battlefield, but some of them are growing close that I didn’t want and I decided to just live with it.
I appreciated your thoughts on Birthright and I’m hoping you don’t wait too long to play Conquest as I’d love to hear your thoughts on that soon.

KobeskillzMarch 16, 2016

My friend enjoyed Birthrite more  because it was more straight forward.

Either way i'm glad both versions exist.

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