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RFN Off-Topic: 2014 NFL Preview - NFC

by James Jones, Greg Leahy, and Jon Lindemann - August 29, 2014, 2:22 pm PDT
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In part two of RFN's already-ruined attempt to predict the NFL season; Jon, Greg, and James discuss the NFC, the Super Bowl, and the true meaning of "outlaw bloodlines."

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If you missed part 1 of our NFL preview, you can get it here. In it we covered last season's predictions and the AFC.

NOTE: There is no video game discussion on this week's episode. James, Greg, and Jon decided to indulge themselves and take the opportunity to record an NFL "sportscast". If you have no interest in NFL football, you can look forward to next week's episode when our regular content will resume.

Part two of the hotly-demanded Radio Free Nintendo inevitable NFL prediction massacre turns the crew's attention to the NFC - home of iconic teams whose names exude honor and respect - such as the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Commiseration over our poor lot in life - being forced to pick a winner out of the NFC East - turns to spirited discussions over the potential of Jay Cutler's MVP season in the NFC North. The NFC South discussion elicits a remarkably complete inventory of all of Atlanta's 2013 injuries from resident fan Jon Lindemann. Lastly, Greg explicitly doomed Sam Bradford during our discussions of the NFC West.

Following a rundown of the NFC Playoffs we turn our focus to "The Big Game," with predictions you wont believe - assuming you're not very trusting.

We rap up our over four hours of NFC discussion with a more realistic version of how RFN sports-related conversations go: a discussion on "Outlaw Bloodlines."

This podcast was edited by James Jones.

Music from Tecmo Bowl, property of Koei Tecmo Holdings Co., Ltd.


Manthony ChopkinsAugust 29, 2014

Yay!!! Can't wait to hear what you guys have to say about the NFC North.

chilenozoAugust 30, 2014

Does this means that there won't be another regular RFN this weekend?...what if I ain't into NFL?...sigh...you guys should talk about all the Nintendo news that just came on Friday!

They recorded a standard episode on Wednesday which will go up sometime this weekend. The Friday news will get covered next week, but there's a standard show coming.

This would've come out last week except for the fact that a combined 4 hour show is insanity.

pokepal148September 04, 2014

Don't you guys know? Teddy Bridgewater is a long lost descendant of Paul Bunyan..

CericSeptember 04, 2014

Quote from: Shaymin

This would've come out last week except for the fact that a combined 4 hour show is insanity.

Would you like some Tea?

Hang on, there's an infinite number of monkeys at my door who would like to have a word about this "Hamlet" play they seem to have written.

DammYouSeptember 05, 2014

Thank You Greg. For talking right about the Panthers wide receivers. We lost all our receivers who were all awful last year. If people say we don't have any receivers from last year. Let's talk about Seattle's receivers who were they besides Percy Harvin because he was injured most of the year. They where a bunch of nobodys who made plays. Look at all the weapons the Broncos had last year and how did that work out in the Superbowl. I love your guys NFL talk because you talk about the defense. While everyone on TV and everywhere always talk about offense. I have no expectations for my Panthers this year. I hope we do good. We are still building and getting our cap better situated. The future is bright with Cam at quarterback

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