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RFN Off-Topic: 2014 NFL Preview - AFC

by James Jones, Greg Leahy, and Jon Lindemann - August 24, 2014, 9:37 pm PDT
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You asked and we answered: Greg, Jon, and James return for yet another NFL preview show, two in fact!

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NOTE: There is no video game discussion on this week's episode. James, Greg, and Jon decided to indulge themselves and take the opportunity to record an NFL "sportscast". If you have no interest in NFL football, you can look forward to next week's episode when our regular content will resume.

In order to stay on schedule for Episode 400 to land on the correct week, we knew all along we were going to have to take a week off. Little did we know at the time Greg, Jon, and James would be drafted by listener email into producing another NFL preview show. Last year, in the grand tradition of RFN predictions we did poorly, although were largely successful at predicting season's ultimate outcome.

Our attempt to achieve such soaring successes, and perhaps the elation of our brief reunion, resulted in a recording session ending well past 1 AM Eastern Time. With so much raw audio we decided it would be best to split the show in half.

In this episode we break down each division of the AFC, predicting winners, and ultimately deciding on who we expect to reprensent the AFC in "the big game." NOTE: Sam Bradford was injured after we recorded, already rendering much of the pontificating horribly out of date. Truly, we are on pace for predictions worthy the RFN brand.

Stay tuned for our NFC predictions later this week, including our final Super Bowl predictions.

This podcast was edited by James Jones.

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TrueNerdAugust 24, 2014


NeoStar9XAugust 24, 2014

Great! I loved the first time this was done. Looking forward to listening to this one.

SorenAugust 24, 2014

And I will catch up with the RFN gang next week, then.

MASBAugust 25, 2014

Yes!! I look forward to these hours of NFL analysis and prognostication. I wonder what the terrific trio will predict for their teams. Personally, I see the Falcons doing 7-9 or 8-8 at best (though their first half play with first-stringers against the Titans was promising). Also, I wish I was Samuel L. Jackson, so someone could pay me millions to do "Rise Up" commercials during a 4-12 season. That's like being paid to rob banks.

The Bills, I don't know. I don't have a big personal connection to them outside of feeling sorry for them during their early 90s playoff losses and hoping they'd win at least one Super Bowl. I pull for them now because I like Greg, but.... every time I hear about and see them, I have feelings of doom. I hope for a better year for them, but that hope may be dashed by midway into the season. Beat the Patriots, stay in Buffalo and we can call the year a success no matter what else happens, eh?

The Redskins... WTF knows. We probably don't want to know. RG III feels like Michael Vick does today, only he's younger. With his play style, I can't see him lasting or being able to play to his full potential. And where does that leave the Redskins? But Shanahan isn't their coach anymore, so they have a leg up already.

Of the three, who will come out ahead, probably the Falcons. Unless they face more injuries, then it'll be race to the bottom for higher draft picks!

loopsuAugust 25, 2014

Oh Yes! This needs to be a weekly crosstawk podcast. I would kill for that. Such a nice surprise to see this pop up in the feed.

part 2 is done, but im on a train so I cant upload it just yet. Hopefully this evening.

pokepal148January 11, 2015

I have to thank you all for putting this out.

Before RFN started covering football there was a noticeable lack of empty, meaningless content that I could listen to with my earbuds while I performed some menial task like mowing the lawn.

I tried to use regular RFN episodes for this but I would often miss important or interesting  bits of information to the noise going on around me. Eventually I decided to risk my sanity by just repeatedly listening to 103 in an attempt to fill that void.

But now with the NFL cast I can keep myself sane by just plopping this into my phone and playing this instead. If I miss something while I'm trimming the lawn I can rest assured that it was probably James yelling about Rex Ryan again. Even now in the cold, bitter, Minnesota winter the warm, soothing sound of Greg, Jon, and James, trying to discuss the legitimacy of the Bears winning the Super Bowl helps warm my heart as I face the elements.

Again, thank you. from the bottom of my heart,

P.S. I look forward to hearing James rant about the Vikings beating the Redskins back in November. Good ol' Norv really knows how to make Redskins fans happy.

Good, I'm glad. If the Bears had actually played well you wouldn't give me credit anyway, so go ahead and enjoy. I cannot fathom gloating at a Redskins fan, I mean I follow DC sports, I'm fucking impervious to failure.

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