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Episode 19: For the Sake of Controversy

by Stan Ferguson - September 24, 2006, 8:52 pm PDT
Total comments: 15

In this thrilling episode, the Pirates, Karl and Stan, have a battle of wits with the unarmed Evan Burchfield as Jonny sits back and laughs.

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A perfect ten.

Yet again, we've gone and filled the cup to the brim with a four man podcast. Evan, hosting again, asks Jonny, Stan, and Karl pertinent questions regarding the Wii remote speakers, the depth of third party support Wii needs to succeed, and our recent glut of controversial articles.

You can also listen to the podcast on .

Wii Megaton. . .one week later. Don't think your mail and comments go unnoticed. What with Evan's Zelda editorial, Karl's questioning the potency of the Wii controller, Jonny's reign of terror, and Stan's Mario Tennis review (What? Again?), we've all had our share of controversy here at PGC. We've decided to discuss a few of these controversies and possibly create some more as we discuss what third party support is needed for the Wii to be successful. But then there's that darn policy that Jonny mentions...

However in order for us to be successful in stirring the pot, we need you, our fair readers and listeners, to comment, send email to our podcast address, and of course review us (your big chance to strike back!) on iTunes.

And though Evan stole his own thunder last night, we're also announcing the big Naruto/Radio Free Nintendo contest.

Thanks for listening, and Sweet Pete says, "Hi."

Music for this episode of Radio Free Nintendo is used with permission from Jason Ricci & New Blood.


TrueNerdSeptember 25, 2006

Let it be known that I will be disappointed next time there is a podcast that doesn't have four people. It really is the perfect number. I like the podcasts where you discuss your various muckraking PGC does all in the name of getting hits on your website. It is, afterall, all about pleasing those advertisers.

Also, this episode was available for download on iTunes last night. Is that going to be a regular thing, iTunes getting it before the site does?

PryopizmStan Ferguson, Staff AlumnusSeptember 25, 2006

That was my gift to subscribers. face-icon-small-wink.gif

CalibanSeptember 25, 2006

Great podcast.
The "commercial" break was a nice touch, and it helps to keep our attention not to swing onto something else other than the podcast.

Karl Castaneda #2September 25, 2006

As much as I hate to admit it (HATE IT!), Burchfield is a good host, and this podcast came out rather well because of his roundtable-oriented skills.

Argh, it pains me to say such things.

PryopizmStan Ferguson, Staff AlumnusSeptember 25, 2006

Actually, that was all done through editing. It's amazing how much slobbering, heavy breathing, and inappropriate laughter I had to cut out. But, yeah, he came out brilliantly.

So Pryopizm does all the work and Evan gets all the praise?

... just another way that PGC goes the extra mile to entertain its readers! face-icon-small-happy.gif

~Carmine M. Red

Karl Castaneda #2September 25, 2006

Yeah, Stan is one of our most talented sound editors. Most of us have enough skill to get by, but he's got a real knack for it, and so the final result brings it to another level. Pip pip.

PryopizmStan Ferguson, Staff AlumnusSeptember 25, 2006

While that's flattering, I do have to admit that I had to step it up a notch due to Evan's excellent editing on last week's podcast.

Viewtiful marioSeptember 25, 2006

I'd would've loved to make a podcast, I'd be able to think of a lot of cool things to talk about. Like how I got a gamecube for 300$ with SSBM.

but unfortunetly I don't have the right equipment.

CericSeptember 25, 2006

Where's my Traditional Beginning?

For the distance I think it needs to be a little powerful. I would still like a clear speaker instead of squeaky sound effects.

I think it be good as a Wiimote finder and multiplayer signaler.

I like to say that Batman: Vengeance had a great story, voice acting, and Art direction. All was killed by terrible level design and a fighting system that wouldn't really let you engage multiple people.

I agree. Cover and critique. All in fairness.

lol. Poor half of Mario.

What are those numbers par say? (Traffic numbers. Oh and chat is even less.)

LET IT DIE ALREADY... >:| (Mario Tennis on VB is the best face-icon-small-happy.gif, also next time just give it a 9.99)

I like to see those review guidelines.

I always read the text when I care about the game. I guess that makes me odd.

If the game stinks give it a low score. In fact I consider 5 to be mid row but it seems thats 8 most places. 5 If your in the genre you might like it.
4 Could be good but has flaws that make it bad. 3 Bad. 2 Terrible. 1 You'd have to pay me. 0 Didn't work.

Wow. It was 3 hours... Wow... It gets paid more then I do...

The Whole Podcast is now Thrown Out of the Continuum. There is no Episode 19...

What's all the space on the end of the Odeo thingy?

iTunes... Hmm... and your plugging people....

I like this better. Typing this out as a listen instead of trying to remember.

vuduSeptember 26, 2006

Stan must have low self-esteem problems. He always makes himself sound so quiet on the Podcast. Evan will ask a question and then there will be dead silence. Oh wait, that's not silence ... that's Stan responding. So I turn up my speakers. Then a couple seconds later Evan starts laughing like a little school girl and nearly explodes my head.

ShyGuySeptember 26, 2006

I don't think their volume is that much different. Stan's voice is several octaves lower than Oregon boy, maybe it's your speaker's range? face-icon-small-wink.gif

PryopizmStan Ferguson, Staff AlumnusSeptember 26, 2006

Volume is equal on everyone. I'm not changing pitch for you!

vuduSeptember 26, 2006

Johnny did. face-icon-small-happy.gif

PryopizmStan Ferguson, Staff AlumnusSeptember 27, 2006

Get better speakers, or I hurt you.

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