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Episode 12: Evan and Lindy

by Evan Burchfield - August 9, 2006, 3:28 pm PDT
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This week's Podcast is sadly lacking Mike Sklens but happily filled with Jon Lindemann, our guest co-host. The E3 shakedown, Wii rumors, and Ubisoft are discussed.

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Too much innuendo, I think.

Our dear host Mike Sklens is away for a few weeks as he gathers his thoughts (a long process for that guy). In the meantime, I have replaced him with my lovely assistant Jon Lindemann who, quite honestly, looks almost exactly like Mike Sklens. You may never notice that I made a change.

Just so you know, there's only an MP3 available this week. Mike is more than just a host: he's a podcaster from birth. Ergo, we must humbly submit to you, listeners, an incomplete, dare I say, unworthy podcast that shall only fulfill you insofar as it keeps you alive until Mike returns. Forgive us. [Ed. Note: There is an AAC this week. I converted it over myself.]

Jon and I have a lot of catching up to do in this episode, so E3 is discussed for awhile. We also hit on some of the recent Wii news, including Ubisoft's seven announced Wii launch titles and the yet-to-be-announced "Release Date," so elusive it deserves quotation marks.

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Karl Castaneda #2August 09, 2006

Can I get in some of that action, too?

That idiot...

NephilimAugust 09, 2006

its nes in australia, never ever heard anyone say N E S

Yeah, it's "ness" in Canada, where I grew up. Must be something about the former British colonies.

BloodworthDaniel Bloodworth, Staff AlumnusAugust 09, 2006

Since Lindemann has nearly forced my hand here...

We once got in this utterly confusing circle of e-mails debating whether he should write "a NES" or "an NES" in a review. I was baffled as to how he thought "a NES" could be correct until he finally realized that in my mind it was N-E-S, while he was thinking "ness".

ruby_onixAugust 09, 2006

On the subject of the "new E3", it seems weird to me how everyone in the media's looking forward to it, when press conferences and closed-door showings have been around since before E3 began (which some press are saying will be the reason nothing will be different). E3 is just losing the show floor now, not gaining anything. You mentioned that the big three were able to dominate your time over three days, but how will it be if they invite you to their new closed-door conferences (assming they actually have playable material there)? I think that with sepeate invites, the little guys might become even more isolated and unknown than they were before.

And you mentioned that E3 wasn't as big or well known as the San Diego Comic-Con. But that's because it's not open to the public. Everyone seems to be bringing up complaints lately about how there are so many people who shouldn't have been allowed to go to E3, but for years I kept hearing about how impossible it was for a fan to get in, and how the ESA's been making it harder with every year.

I think that if they were to have opened up E3 to the public, it would've very quickly exploded in terms of popularity, and they could've just given reporters press passes for special access.

ZachAugust 09, 2006

Well, I hope we all get to look back at this, and call evan an idiot just because that would mean an earlier release.

One thing though, you completely overlooked the possibility that Nintendo will give us the release date at Leipzig, since as Lindemann pointed out, they will not be at TGS. It would be entirely possible for them to give out the date at leipzig, and have enough time to gain uber-hype for a mid to late october launch. Im not saying that it will definately be an october release, but its not entirely rediculous, as was mentioned in the podcast

Edit: I looked it up just because I wasnt entirely sure. Leipzig is in Germany FACTS!!!

Edit2: wanna add, I think its gonna be Nov. 2. It gives nintendo plenty of time to get everything ready, and sets it a good 15 days before the PS3 (I some of you say it doesnt matter since they will both sell out, but I think getting the hype out is really gonna be important)

ruby_onixAugust 09, 2006


Originally posted by: Zach
One thing though, you completely overlooked the possibility that Nintendo will give us the release date at Leipzig, since as Lindemann pointed out, they will not be at TGS.

Leipzig is in late August. Nintendo said they'd reveal the date sometime in September.

TGS is in late September, but Nintendo's not attending. Iwata's not even showing up for one of his traditional speech-hijackings. He's handed that honor over to Ken Kutaragi, who will make a presentation about "Why the world needs a Sony monopoly."

Shoshinkai/Spaceworld would've been in September, but Nintendo's not doing those anymore (and they don't have one coming this year, at least).

I'm pretty sure Nintendo's never going to tell us the release date or price. Non-gamers don't care about launch days. They just walk into the store, and if they see one and want it, they buy one. We're just going to walk into a store some day in late September, see a Wii, and say "Holy Crap!" Then Nintendo will say "Oh yeah, our big announcement. Wii launch date is last week sometime."

AnyoneEBAugust 09, 2006

I thought they said we would know the launch date by September, not in.

ShyGuyAugust 09, 2006

I say "ness" and "super ness" I even say "S. ness" on occasion.

nemo_83August 09, 2006

I think what Camelot is saying is that Nintendo is not serious about online as an innovation. I recall this being an issue for Rare a few years ago when they wanted to take PDZ online.

We don't even know if Smash Bros will have a buddy list, how many players it will support, and if any stats will be kept. I think Wii is about to take off running with its shoe laces untied. Will the Wii be able to foster multiplayer experiences this fall that can compare to what will be happening on Xbox LIVE and Gears of War specifically? Will the Wii have anything online except fifteen dollar downloads of fifteen year old games?

Truthfully I'd rather have Galaxy Bros online cooperative play than Smash Bros. I'm kind of sickened by the fact Smash Bros doesn't use the remote(s).

And if I had to guess when the Wii will launch I'd say Nov 11. No later than that, otherwise they risk going head to head with Sony. They have to get out before Sony like they did with the DS. The PSP showed to everyone that Sony is not invincible; Sony's brand loyalty is not as rock solid as Sony would like to believe. If anything, Sony's costumers are the most fickle.

SarailAugust 10, 2006

Yep. Nintendo said that we would know the release date by September, not in/during September. And that's why knowing everything else there is to know about the Wii will occur during the Leipzig Games Convention.

Personally, I'm excited most about finding out about Nintendo's direction with the Wi-Fi/WiConnect 24/Virtual Console aspect of the console. I'm so ready to see console interface pics. I wanna see how this baby looks after starting it up.

Other than that, Evan I'm not vain in any way shape, form, or fashion for believing that Nintendo will launch this console in October. It's fully believable and possible, too. I still stand by the notion that it will launch on October 2nd. Leipzig's on August 23rd -- which leaves one month and almost two weeks to prepare for launch day. But let's not kid ourselves here... the reason all of this would be possible, is because Nintendo has been planning this launch since before E3 this year. Everything is adding up correctly for them this time. And in the end, it's all gonna work.

Nintendo is back on top.

CericAugust 10, 2006


... and if any stats will be kept

Nemo you've played Melee right? The rest I can agree with but if their is no stat tracking I be wondering about the true producer.

Its N-E-S. Nintendo Entertainment System. I can't beleive anybody calls it Ness... Thats sounds wrong. Here in the States all the advertising said Nintendo, Nintendo Entertainment System, or N-E-S. Ness... and people thought I talked funny southern like...

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