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Episode 10: Animal Crossing is my MySpace

by Evan Burchfield - July 25, 2006, 10:00 pm PDT
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Contrary to established wisdom, logic, and natural law, this episode of Radio Free Nintendo may actually be pretty good.

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Except for the herpes joke.

Disgracefully thrown from the throne last week, Mike and Evan have downtroddenly returned to kick ass and take Stan and Karl's names in vain. Though Nintendo Pirate Radio may return on a regular basis, don't think that Radio Free Nintendo is second banana to these puke-faced cretins. Hah, hardly! There's no evidence for that at all!

This week we are featuring, no really wait for it, TWO versions of the Podcast available for download below. One of them is the AAC version, and the other is the MP3 version. Would you rather play the AAC version in iTunes and get pictures which link to pertinent articles, or listen to the red-headed MP3 version who has little to no resemblance to his father? The choice is yours, even if it's really friggin' easy.

You can also listen to it on .

Nevermind that goofy title, we actually get down to some business with Episode 10. New games journalism is discussed, ignorantly critiqued, and flippantly dismissed - we also dismiss Madden, Animal Crossing, Stan, Karl, and MySpace, all in under 30 minutes. The only thing I haven't dismissed this Episode is Mike himself, the sweet-faced Floridian who takes my heart on long bumper car rides in the middle of the hot afternoon. *Sigh*

For reference, here is a link the Star Fox promotional video mentioned in this week's episode. Thanks GeneralTraag!

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And on a minor note, the entire time I've been writing this news post, I've been stalking my coworkers' MySpaces. They don't even know how much I know about them. Ahahahah.

It's not like they're better at it, or anything.


BloodworthDaniel Bloodworth, Staff AlumnusJuly 26, 2006

I got re-addicted to Animal Crossing Wild World in much the same that Obi got re-addicted to the GC game. Adam Kontras finally got a DS Lite and Animal Crossing, and like the capitalist that he is, wanted to come to my town to raid my fruit trees. I played with him and his girlfriend a few nights and noticed the enormous amount of insects available in the summer that were not around in the winter whatsoever. Then people in the forums started having tarantulas jump on their faces, and I just had to see that. It wasn't long until I was completely re-engaged just as hard as I was in December. --By the way trying to get the perfect environment sucks. I am just about finished with the tedious task of trying to suck up to Phyllis by planting trees so thick that I can't even see the ground anymore.

However, while I wanted the new Toys R Us items at first, it's unlikely that I'll make the trek. I tried one store, and it's completely gone. I know where one other is, but I'm not excited enough to run all over town.

ShyGuyJuly 27, 2006

So are we going to start a pledge drive to get Pryopizm to watch the Madden PPV? I will donate a buck or two.

Talking about technical side of reviews vs. artistic sides of reviews...

Reviewing games is like reviewing automobiles. Every car out there has technical merits and artistic merits. Some cars are technical achievements but they're ugly as sin, so they would get high marks in one area but low marks in another. Some cars are pretty to look at, but they handle like crap or have underpowered engines. The cars that get the highest marks are the ones that blend both aspects together. And some car reviews will complain about a vehicle's shortcomings, but will then say, "Still, it feels good to be behind the wheel of a Mustang", or something to that effect.

Video games are pretty much the same way. There's the technical aspect, like polygon counts, load time, viewing distance, number of on-screen enemies, and frames-per-second. But there's also the artistic aspect, such as character design, texture quality/detail, level design, story, camera placement, and cutscene direction. Being good in both aspects makes a game good, while being poor in one aspect (e.g. Geist - artistically it had a great story and cool gameplay but was technically inferior to a lot of games out there) can really bring a game down.

PryopizmStan Ferguson, Staff AlumnusJuly 28, 2006

I will not be dismissed!

By the way, the next Pirate Radio is in the editing process and was recorded before this was released; so, sadly, we cannot directly respond to these shameless attacks on our brilliant, educational, and often erotic show. At least, not until we hoist the flags and fire our cannons again.


SvevanEvan Burchfield, Staff AlumnusJuly 28, 2006

Stan, you saving up for the Madden show? I hear it's coming up soon....

ShyGuyJuly 31, 2006


The "official" name for the favorite topic of PGC Podcasts

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