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Virtual Console Mondays: The Whole of February 2008


by Steven Rodriguez - February 26, 2008, 12:40 am EST

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Some games need a unique angle on Virtual Console to make them stand above the crowd, but that was true even back when they were originally released. Psychosis is another entry into the crowded

shoot-'em-up VC lineup, and it has an interesting gameplay system to make it worth playing over a lot of other games. Your ship is equipped with a basic blaster that cannot be upgraded, but you can collect

satellite powerups that act as a block-all shield and a secondary weapon. The satellites can be equipped with a wide shot, electric wire, or angled beam attack, which can be stacked with multiple pickups of the same type. The behavior of the satellites is what drives the gameplay of Psychosis. When you move forward, your satellites fan out to the sides of your ship. When you retreat, the satellites will collapse forward to form a forward shield. You also have the ability to rotate the satellites around your ship in 90-degree increments, allowing you to shoot your secondary weapon (or block attacks) downwards, upwards, or behind you.

Because Psychosis runs at a slower pace than the average shmup, you'll have a little more time to think about your actions. However, because you have the luxury of blocking attacks from different angles, the game can justify throwing a lot more at you from all directions, not just the front of your ship. The notion of needing to be aware of how your ship's movement affects the positioning of your shield and your firing patterns requires a lot of concentration, which is one of the reasons why this game is better suited for shooter fans. The other reason is that it's not the most technically spectacular game. But hey, it's fun, and that's all that matters.

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