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Episode 116: Running to the Goal

by Michael Cole and Neal Ronaghan - April 17, 2013, 11:36 pm PDT
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NWR Site Director Neal Ronaghan discusses some of his favorite games, and TYP recalls a regrettable game purchase.

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Did you like this episode's game selections? Let your fellow listeners know in TalkBack! Think you've got a better choice? Then send it my way and your request might be on the next episode of Radio Trivia: Podcast Edition!  Heck, throw in a question and specific songs if you want.  Just remember, it has to be a game found on a Nintendo system in North America (unless we say otherwise)!

This episode was edited by Michael "TYP" Cole. Intro music is copyright Jason Ricci & New Blood. All game music is copyright their respective owners.


Games featured in this episode:

Donkey Kong (GB) (a.k.a. Donkey Kong '94)
Mega Man Soccer (SNES)
Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine (Wii/GEN)
Batman: Arkham City Armored Edition (Wii U)
Etrian Odyssey IV: Legends of the Titan (3DS)

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azekeApril 18, 2013

First game is one of my favorites ever. Such a brilliant design, so many content. i recognized it right away, but that's probably because i played it just a few hours before during a break.

I knew i heard those rock guitars before from last game's track. I never played the actual game, only saw GB Quick Look. It doesn't look like something i'd play, but man that music was amazing.

Pixelated PixiesApril 18, 2013

I can honestly say I didn't get any correct answers this episode, ha. I was in the right ball park with the first two games though. For the first game I guessed Warioland II, so at least I got the system right. For the second game I couldn't come up with a definitive answer but something about the music kept bringing me back to Mega Man X. I knew the music wasn't intense enough to be that game, but it was definitely reminiscent of it.

No correct answers from me, but a couple of good guesses.

Great episode as usual guys!

ClexYoshiApril 18, 2013

4 for 5, with Etrian Oddesy being the one I missed. I'll tell you, I nearly missed the second one, but Wood Man's Mega Man Soccer theme gave it away. that being said, that was honestly the first SNES game in that series I had played. heck, it might have been the first Capcom game I played for the SNES, which is all sorts of WTF when you consider that game's reputation.

Also, the third song used for game one is one of my favorite tunes on that system, period. heck, that's one of the best GAMES for that system, period. certainly the best one before Pokemon came out.

roykoopa64April 23, 2013

I got 2 out of 5 games correct!

Hhm, I thought I had requested Game 1 before? In any case, I identified DK '94 right away and love the music; it has a wacky sound to it!

I have not played games 2 or 5.

I've played game 3, Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machinebut I didn't spend too much time with it, and so there was no way I would have remembered the music.

After hearing the first song, I was able to identify game 4 pretty quickly! It helps I played Batman: Arkham City Armored Edition fairly recently. The soundtrack really carries the game well, and I had a great time with it.

Fun episode as always!

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