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Episode 43: Take Two

by Michael Cole - December 12, 2008, 2:42 am PST
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An exhausted Jonny tells it like it is.

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Apologies for the delay.

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This podcast was edited by Michael Cole.

Music for this episode of Radio Free Nintendo is used with permission from Jason Ricci & New Blood. You can find them in the iTunes Store. You can also purchase their new album, Rocket Number 9, directly from the record label, or call your music local record store and ask for it!

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famicomplicatedJames Charlton, Associate Editor (Japan)December 12, 2008

Apologies from me too.

Was a really bad time for the recording software to crash for the first time ever.....

DAaaMan64December 12, 2008

woohooo!!!  Thanks TYP! I'll listen ASAP

SundoulosDecember 12, 2008

Just listened to this while running software tests this morning.  This episode really had some great game music.  I had no idea that the score from game 5 was that epic-sounding; it certainly didn't fit my preconception of the game!  This actually interests me even more in trying the game if I can still find it; I've had it on my Amazon wish list for a while.

Game 2 will also hold a special place of awesomeness in my heart.

I actually remember renting and playing game 3 a few times.  I got far enough to see the scenes in question, but it was ambiguous enough that a naive kid like me ( I was pretty young at the time) didn't get what was going on at first.  In reality, what they showed was really no worse than the subtext that could be read into the healing houses in The Adventure of Link, though it's doubtful that Nintendo intended that in the game.  But, who knows? 

Other than that, I remember the game actually being pretty fun, but difficult.  Some of the elements look dated, but some levels of the game were probably a little ahead of their time, such as the maze sections.  I looked the game up on wikipedia, and I also noticed that many of the different acts also were titled after famous films/works of literature.

Yeah, after all the technical and scheduling headaches, it turned out pretty well! Thanks for the positive feedback!

SerialcodeDecember 13, 2008

Spoiler Warning

Star Fox is one of the darker and more engaging soundtracks of first party SNES games. A lot of the negativity expressed by TYP is a bit unwarranted, especially his comparison to Star Fox 64. Being presented on the next generation of Nintendo consoles, it would seem to make lots and lots of sense that the quality would higher.

But even if TYP meant compositionally and not technically better, I would argue that Hirasawa's soundtrack lacks the fluff and the near constant motif repetition that almost all of Kondo's soundtracks have, including (and especially) Star Fox 64.

ShyGuyDecember 13, 2008

Interesting starfox wii speculation

DAaaMan64December 13, 2008

I <3 this podcast

KenologyDecember 14, 2008

SPOILER - I have no idea how to do spoiler text.  I thought by changing the text to white, it would blend in.  But the background is grey on the forum page, so no dice.  Sorry guys. 

I'm playing along right now.  Just heard the first song and I have no idea what it is.  The composition style sounds like Motoi Sakuraba though.  The samples used and certain nuances lead me to believe it's certainly Sakuraba.  But I have no idea what game it could be.

Edit - Aha!  I didn't know the game, but I knew it was him!

Edit 2 - lolz!  That instantly recognizable waltz from the Warp level!  Game 2 = Done!  I wonder whatever happened to Hajime Hirasawa...  :-\

Edit 3 - Third game.  Clearly NES.  And I'm beyond lost... good first song though.

Edit 4 - second some is pretty good too.  I still have no idea what game this is...

Edit 5 - What special item do you find in Greece!?  Is it Rygar?

Edit 6 - OMG... awesome!  I don't know why I didn't get this.  It sounded familiar, but I just couldn't nail it for some reason.  I played this game and beat it with the Game Genie!  It was pretty dope.  The latter half of the game was nothing but mazes.  And I'll never forget the very last level when you're in the woods and it seems like you're at a dead end.  But you have to press "up" between these particular two trees in order to progress in the level. 

Also, you CONSTANTLY lost energy in this game!  Every second, you lost a hit point.

Edit 7 - Game 4 has me lost.

Edit 8 - Game 5... I know I've played this game by listening to the first song.  Just need another song and I'll place it for sure.  But damn, how many times are you gonna loop song 1!?  lol!  This is the third loop already... get to song 2!

Edit 9 - WHY AM I NOT GETTING THIS!!!!  I know it but I cannot place it, but I remember all this and the previous song!  I'm humming along... but I just can't place it...  AHHHH!!!  You were fighting someone/something during this song...  I hear a hint of the main theme just before it loops, but I can't place it!!

Edit 10 - OMFG!  Z-DUB!  The third song, didn't do anything for me.  I could NOT place it!  Now I know where that second song came from... the fight with the giant ICE DRAGON!  Where you have to adjust the mirrors!  Damn, that was fun!  I love being stumped like this.  I *NEVER* forget a melody, I just forget where they come from sometimes!  And this is exactly what happened here!

Edit 11 - Spoiler-proofed everything that should be.

Great job, guys!  Can't wait for the next one!

KenologyDecember 14, 2008

Quote from: Serialcode

Spoiler WarningBut even if TYP meant compositionally and not technically better, I would argue that Hirasawa's soundtrack lacks the fluff and the near constant motif repetition that almost all of Kondo's soundtracks have, including (and especially) Star Fox 64.

I agree. Starfox on SNES had an AMAZING soundtrack.  I was more impressed with it than I was with Starfox 64's soundtrack from a technical standpoint.  SF64 used a very rudimentary sound library.  A lot better had been done with the N64 musically (just listen to JFG or Turok 2 - both of which had more realistic sounding synth). 

As far as compositions, both are equally remarkable.  Hajime Hirasawa did reprise the main theme many times in the original Starfox, just as much as Kondo did in Starfox 64, but in Starfox, Hirasawa had it woven into the in-level compositions very, very nicely.  This didn't happen with Starfox 64 because Kondo was only responsible for the main theme, title theme, and fanfares.  All of the fanfares and end-of-level compositions were arrangements of the main theme and title theme - as was the ending theme.  You never heard the main theme or title theme referenced during the in-level music because all of that was composed by Hajime Wakai.

To be honest, I gained a greater appreciation for Star Fox's soundtrack while picking songs for the background during discussion. Even so, I prefer Star Fox 64's soundtrack--including non-theme songs--though it may simply be because I've played Star Fox 64 far more than the original.

Also, Keneology: you can do spoilers by putting "spoiler" in square brackets:
hidden text

(Only don't put spaces before or after the brackets)

CalibanDecember 14, 2008

What a great show. I couldn't even get one guess right.

Agreed on the mario golf music. they're pretty good but way too hyper

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