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Episode 18: Where the Turkey Oil Goes

by Michael Cole - November 22, 2007, 11:31 pm PST
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Radio Trivia gives thanks to its founding father, Jonathan Metts.

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Enjoy a Thanksgiving-sized helping of Jonny!

Did you like the third game? Let your fellow listener know! Think you've got a better choice? Send it my way and your request may be the third game next Radio Trivia: Podcast Edition! Heck, throw in a question and specific songs if you want. Just remember, it has to be a game found on a Nintendo system in North America (unless we say otherwise)!


This podcast was edited by Michael Cole.

Music for this episode of Radio Trivia: Podcast Edition is used with permission from Jason Ricci & New Blood. You can also purchase their album directly from the iTunes Music Store.

All game music used during Radio Trivia is copyright their respective owners.


SkiDragonNovember 23, 2007

I have come to the amazing realization that the last Gameboy Camera song played is the same as the file select song in Earthbound. I own both of these but I never realized it until now. Where is that song in Gameboy Camera?

That's one of the credits songs, I believe. (Credits 2)

SkiDragonNovember 24, 2007


"Tanaka also worked in a programming capacity for Nintendo. He had always wanted to get more into project development, and it was this that inspired him to design the Game Boy Camera and the Game Boy Printer."

Tanaka also worked on the Earthbound soundtrack, which explains the connection.

I wonder if there are any other copied tracks. I'd check myself but the Gameboy Camera has something like 70 tracks it seems.

EntroperNovember 25, 2007

Good game 3 choice, especially the second song. I recognized it right away on the first song and was hoping you would include that second one. face-icon-small-smile.gif

Loved the first game, it took me all three songs to guess it, but I had a suspicion on the second song. Those low moving chords at the beginning were very familiar sounding, and the drums finally gave it away. I love NES music, it's always amazing what composers were able to do with just a few square and triangle waves and a noise channel.

Wow I hadn't listened. I smrt.

Ogre Battle 64 is a special title, and any failure to recognize that will result in acts of rage.

ShyGuyNovember 25, 2007


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