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Super Meat Boy

by Lukasz Balicki - April 9, 2009, 7:50 pm PDT
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Meat Boy's transition to WiiWare brings a large selection of new material, a new art style, and a brand new multiplayer mode with a unique cast of characters.

There are many video games that started life as simple flash games; Alien Hominid and N+ (originally N) are two of the more notable titles to successfully make the transition to game consoles. The latest title making this transition is Meat Boy, originally a flash game featured on the popular Newgrounds website. Meat Boy is being "supersized" for WiiWare as Super Meat Boy. Edmund McMillen, creator of Meat Boy, claims that Super Meat Boy is "so amazing that you will crap your pants and so awesome that your body will suck the crap back up inside you."

For the unfamiliar, the game is a platformer where players guide Meat Boy through increasingly difficult stages full of crumbling platforms, saw blades, and other deadly obstacles. According to McMillen, the game's inspiration was both Ghosts 'n' Goblins and Megaman. The intention was to make a game that's as frustrating as the source material, but forgiving enough to complete the game.

McMillen also wanted to give Super Meat Boy a story packed full of 90's videogame clichés. In Super Meat Boy, Meat Boy tries to save a girl made out of Band-Aids from the game's villain, a fetus with a PhD ... in a jar (yes, seriously).

Super Meat Boy will stay true to Meat Boy formula, however controls will be tighter and the levels will be completely fresh as they are being created from scratch. This will allow the creators to make the levels more complex by adding new elements such as side-scrolling areas, full-screen levels, and epic boss battles. McMillen expects that the final game will have around 100 levels, hidden areas, warp zones, and an expert chapter as an unlockable bonus. Additionally, the game will sport new fatal obstacles that must be avoided by Meat Boy and a fresh new art style.

The game will also feature an all new multiplayer mode. Twelve independent developers' characters will be unlockable in the mode by collecting Band-Aids in the single player game. Currently, the team is also considering creating a level editor so that users can create their own content to further extend the experience.


Flames_of_chaosLukasz Balicki, Staff AlumnusApril 09, 2009

One interesting thing to note is that McMillen expressed his gratitude towards Nintendo for supporting small independent developers, and Nintendo actually requested this to come to WiiWare because Nintendo was impressed with McMillen's other game Aether.  So it's really nice to see Nintendo encouraging small indy developers to create these games for WiiWare.

BlackNMild2k1April 09, 2009

"as they are bring creating from scratch" <-- spelling errors found. should be "being created"

But now I'm off to newgrounds to play the flash game as I've never played it before.

Flames_of_chaosLukasz Balicki, Staff AlumnusApril 09, 2009

Quote from: BlackNMild2k1

"as they are bring creating from scratch" <-- spelling errors found. should be "being created"

But now I'm off to newgrounds to play the flash game as I've never played it before.

not anymore ;)

So uh... what ESRB rating will this earn? M? T?

Mop it upApril 09, 2009

It's got to be at least a "T" rating based on the name alone.

I can see the name being what sells this game to some, though for me I don't think I could own a game with the word "meat" in the title.

Flames_of_chaosLukasz Balicki, Staff AlumnusApril 09, 2009

I can only wonder one thing, if PETA will have a fit over this.

NWR_pap64Pedro Hernandez, Contributing WriterApril 10, 2009

Quote from: Flames_of_chaos

I can only wonder one thing, if PETA will have a fit over this.

Hmm good question. Technically, Meat Boy is a generic piece of meat. The game doesn't promote the consumption of meat. But the word "meat" could be enough to get vegans upset.

Who knows? People like PETA are messed up. They didn't protest games like "Metal Gear Solid 3", which has the killing and consumption of animals. But protested "Cooking Mama" simply because she has meat based recipes (alongside MANY vegetarian dishes).

shammackApril 10, 2009

Your whole family is made of meat.

NovaQApril 10, 2009

I've never played the flash version, but this sounds interesting. I'm wondering if all of the features mentioned in the article will make it into a WiiWare release. Does it seem overly ambitious to anyone else, or an I being too conservative here?

Really though, as long as the amazing and awesome levels are as high as claimed (and equal), I'll be checking this game out.

The flash version is pretty awesome. I can't wait for this to hit WiiWare.

NWR_pap64Pedro Hernandez, Contributing WriterApril 26, 2009

Sorry for bumping this, but do you guys remember when we wondered if Super Meat Boy would annoy vegans and people like PETA?

I think this might do it...

Just you watch. The image becomes viral, it reaches the vegans, vegans throw a fit, show it to PETA, they do a press release, condemn the developers over the game's satirical humor, lulz ensues.

You can bet on this.

vuduApril 27, 2009

What a great ad.  :D

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