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Dewy's Adventure

by Mike Sklens - July 17, 2007, 5:05 pm PDT
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Check out the first few droplets of info on this new platformer from the Elebits team.

Konami's Elebits team is hard at work on their next adventure, a motion-control platforming game known as Dewy's Adventure. The game's titular hero is a water droplet charged with the mission of saving the forest. Don Hedron, the game's sinister bad guy, has sent his vile Black Water to destroy the Elder Tree, and only Dewy can save the day.

As stated, Dewy's Adventure is a platforming game, but is unique. Dewy is controlled entirely by tilting the Wii Remote to roll him around levels, in a fashion similar to Super Monkey Ball. Dewy's not as helpless as one of that other game's chimps, though. He'll be able to attack enemies with his special elemental powers, which include wind, lightning bolts, and the ability to create earthquakes. He's also able to shift his temperature. By doing this, Dewy can alter his elemental state and turn into either ice or steam. Shifting Dewy's state can be useful in combat, but it will also play a big role in the game's platforming challenges. Dewy's Adventure will be full of puzzles that require the use of these different states.

Dewy's Adventure will support a multiplayer mode for up to four players, as well as some other awesome features, the biggest of which is sure to be the game's level editor. With it, players will be able to create their own levels for the game, play them, and even share them with their friends over WiiConnect24, just like in Elebits. Dewy's Adventure is on track for a fall 2007 release.

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Dewy's Adventure Box Art

Genre Adventure
Developer Konami
Players1 - 4

Worldwide Releases

na: Dewy's Adventure
Release Sep 25, 2007
jpn: Dewy's Adventure
Release Jul 26, 2007
RatingAll Ages
eu: Dewy's Adventure
Release Nov 23, 2007
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