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by the NWR Staff - September 14, 2005, 9:46 pm PDT

Here's one last mailbag before the deluge of questions about Iwata's speech at TGS.

hi im miles and is roy and marth on fire emblem path of radiance? and

also tell all the classes on that game

Here's some character info from Dragona, who has the Japanese version:

"No, Fire Emblem: The Path of Radiance follows the story of young Ike.

Unfortunately, neither Marth nor Roy are in the game. Marth is from Fire

Emblem I and Fire Emblem III for the Famicom and Super Famicom. Roy is

from Fire Emblem VI on the Game Boy Advance. You should honestly start

bothering NOA to have them translated and available for Revolution

download if you want to play as those two famous lords."

Mario Mario

Plumber Plumber

Couldnt you agree

Hes been

saving the princess

since he was only three

Mario Mario

Said to the Princess

"Princess," he said, said he;

"You must never go down to the old mushroom town,

If you don't go down with me."

Mario Mario

Princess Peach

Put on a pinkish gown,

Mario Mario

Princess Peach

Floated to the end of the town.

Mario Mario

Princess Peach

Said to herself, said she:

"I can get right down to the old mushroom town and

be back in time for thee"

King Koopa

Put up a notice,

"I've taken her, and don't fell betrayed!


Princess Peach

Seems to have been mislaid.

Last Seen

Floating softly;

Quite to her own accord,

She tried to float down to that old mushroom town-

120 Stars Shining Reward!

Mario Mario

Plumber Plumber

(always known as him)

Told his

Mushroom Kingdom

Not to go blaming _him_.

Mario Mario

Said to Princess Peach

"Princess" he said, said he:

"You must never go down to that old mushroom town with-

out consulting me."

Mario Mario

Princess Peach

Hasn't been heard of since.

King Koopa

Said he was happy,

So did his little Koopa twits.

King Koopa

(Somebody told me)

Said to a toadstool he knew:

"If people go down to that old mushroom town, well,

what else do you expect me to do?"

(Now then, very softly)

M. M.

P. P.

Couldn't you agree.

Took great

C/o his P******* P****

When he was only 3.

M. M.

Said to P****** P****

"P*******", he said, said he:



Happy belated birthday, Mario. I hope you sleep well tonight. I'm not sure if I'll be able to after reading this thing.

Being the biggest "WWF No Mercy" fan in existence, it was incredibly painful for me to read your interview with Mark O’Connell, the project manager for WWE Day of Reckoning 2. He talked a lot about the improvements in the game but he still didn't fully answer stuff like why two more cpu controlled wrestlers couldn't be added to the game. If the hardware cant handle it, JUST SAY SO. It's a shame that he said they got everything into the game that they were planning on including because then they were REALLY aiming low. This game is missing A LOT of features. I bought DOR 2 the day it came out and was immediately disappointed with the FOURTH STRAIGHT WWE game that yukes and THQ have made that STILL isn't as good as No Mercy. Sure the graphics keep getting better and better, but why are all of the important gaming modes not making it in? Do you guys mind asking tougher questions the next time you interview somebody from THQ, like why a game like no mercy had more wrestlers and backstage areas and guest referee matches but a game like Day of Reckoning 2 couldn't? Why we get crap like bra and panties but we cant get useful stuff like the elimination chamber? Every other major gaming site hasn't had the chutzpah to ask the questions that deserve to be asked when they get the opportunity. Hell I emailed THQ with a long list of recommendations and complaints and all I got from them was a worthless automated response. If features cannot be put in because of the hardware or lack of disc space, the developers clearly need to be more vocal about it.

If I could grab a hold of one of the clowns at THQ responsible for this chronic underachievement, Im talking Nick Wlodyka, Kendall Boyd, Matt Greig, or Mark O’Connell, I sure as hell would be giving them a piece of my mind. Something is holding these guys back from making a better WWE game and they need to tell the fans what the hell the problem is, because GameCube WWE fans are sick of marginal updates every year. We never asked for the rebuilding process that took place in between the release of WWF No Mercy and the release of Wrestlemania X8. It's obvious X8 was released without any thought or care for the quality of the franchise. I wont go into the problems with every game in the franchise on gamecube because Im not trying to write a book here but I think you get my gist. These games either need to spend 2 years on the development of all their WWE titles or start charging us 19.99 for what their sequels really are, marginal updates. We should have gotten a story mode like DOR 2's YEARS ago. We should have gotten innovation in the submission system YEARS ago. So the next time somebody at PGC interviews somebody from THQ, you guys better BRING IT. You are the last true hope of hardcore wwe nintendo fans like me who demand accountability every time we plop down 49.99 plus tax for the wrestling brand we love so much.

I'm not going to defend our interview as being tough, because it's not. The question about number of characters on screen is the toughest one we had. I put together our questions from people on the staff who are familiar with THQ's wrestling games, so it's not like the interview was done by someone like me who knows fairly little about the WWE or this series of games. But you know, we don't set out to make ball-busting interviews in most cases. We want to get some interesting, hopefully new information about the game from someone intimately familiar with its development.

Personally, I don't think Mark O'Connell's answer about the number of characters is a cop-out. When you're pushing the system, which it seems that DoR 2 does pretty well from what I've seen of the graphics, there are definitely issues with the number of characters you can put on the screen at once. All games deal with this issue. The game's engine can only push so many polygons per second, and you have to divide those up among the characters and environments being displayed. You can complain that DoR 2 puts more emphasis on fancy graphics than number of simultaneous characters, but I think a lot of gamers would prefer that the graphics be improved once the standard of four characters onscreen has been achieved.

As for other modes and features, it would be nice if the new games had all the modes from all previous games, plus new ones, and I don't know why that isn't done. I'm sure Rick Powers will have some thoughts about that issue in his review of DoR 2, which he has promised me will be done by Sunday. But I will say that if you're unsatisfied with the progress of the series from one game to the next, STOP BUYING THE GAMES EVERY SINGLE YEAR. Giving the publisher money regardless of your satisfaction doesn't exactly send them the message that something needs to change.

Hi im a keen gamecube owner and i really need to know the relese date for

mortal kombat decetion over in the U.K i will be erturnally gratfull if you

could e-mail me back with the reply as none of the shops i ask dont know.

Leigh-roy Mcoy

Bad news: I checked with our U.K. correspondents, and they couldn't find any evidence that Deception is coming out there. You may want to see if the U.S. version is compatible with the Freeloader.

Dear Bag

I was writing before about crackling sound on the DS. I fixed the problem

myself. It turns out that there is something sub-par about the DS's volume

adjustment mechanism. Whenever you set the volume to low, the sound will

begin to crackle. Put the DS at full blast, the crackling is gone but that's

not an option since I have sensitive ears. The solution is the use a pair of

headphones that are equipped with it's own volume adjustment. Put the DS on

full blast and set the volume using the headphones. So I guess you don't

have to answer back. Though this tip might prove useful to other people. I

had to rumage through several message forums to find out about the

low-volume crackle problem.

Cool, I'm glad you got it fixed, and hopefully your experience will help someone else with the same problem.

Do you know how many units were sold of Ikaruga in America and in Japan?

Not exactly, but I believe it sold modestly well, especially considering that it was developed by Treasure and thus probably didn't have a huge development budget.

Hey, keep up the good work!

Here's my question for ya:

You mention a lot about how in Japan developers can

release their own games making the DS library very

bountiful. Why is it different here? Why do we need

publishers? Is it because of our greater population

and different market areas? If so why can't Nintendo

publish these games? Maybe not give them as much

advertising as other games get, but they could give

them little spots in nintendo power and/or on their

website, plus they would also have other websites such

as yourselves to spread the word about these games

through reviews.

I wasn't sure, so I asked the staff what they thought:

Michael 'TYP' Cole:

"I think it is largely a distribution problem: Japan is small, so it's

easier for a small company to get their games in stores across the Japan.

Unadvertised games probably bomb more frequently in the U.S. than Japan,


David 'Rize' Trammell:

"I saw some information once on the average budget of japanese games and was

surprised by how low it was. Of course, I've never seen similar info on

american games. Anyway, the average budget was just a few 200 or 300 k."

Zosha 'Dragona' Arushan:

"I believe it's because distribution is way easier in Japan since it's a

very small country with large popularity density."

Our staff sure does love nicknames! And I'd wager that it's a combination of these two main points, small budgets and simpler distribution. Let's not forget that Japan has a stronger gaming culture, so companies probably don't have to spend as much money on advertising and PR to get some exposure for interesting games. When you have popular magazines like Famitsu coming out every week, they need to seek out as many games as possible to fill up those pages.

Dear GamecubePlanet,



Hey PGC,

I was thinking of why Zelda got delayed the other day. And I seem

to remember someone asking Nintendo if they would ever put voice acting

into a Zelda game. And Nintendo replied with a maybe, maybe not sort

of answer. I can't remember if I saw it on G4 or read it at a website.

But do you think they delayed it to put in some voice acting?


I think it's unlikely but still feasible, for exactly the reason you state. Eiji Aonuma definitely said at E3 this year that he is interested in using more voice in the Zelda series, but that he probably wouldn't have enough time to implement anything in Twilight Princess. And now he has an extra six months, at least. It would be quite a surprise to Zelda fans, that's for sure! I think many fans would welcome the change as long as it's done properly...and that's really the catch, isn't it?

Hello PGC,

What's the chance of seeing a new Nights into Dreams game for the DS or Revolution?

People have been asking for a new Nights game for years and years, and they've received nothing but a GBA mini-game in Phantasy Star Online. It's impossible for me to guess when or if Sonic Team will ever revisit this series.

In the recent mailbag you said you were never Planet N64, but you did

used to be Planet N2000. So, this would of course lead one to believe

around the time of Revolution's launch you should be changing your name

again. Is it going to happen? In a couple years Planet GameCube will

make little sense. Maybe Planet Nintendo would be better this time, then

you won't have to change it again.


I guess I have to answer this question at least once a week so people won't freak out. We will be changing our name within the next few months. We haven't decided yet what the new name will be, though we have some ideas. We can't be Planet Nintendo because GameSpy has held that domain for years and probably won't ever give it up.

In your september 5th mailbag, you sort of acknowleged the notion that

nintendo was buying back their own stocks to fend off a hostile takeover. If

you consider how much the paid for that 1.5% of stocks (and it was a hella

lotta money) youll see that no companies with any interest would even

bother. If 67% of taito is valued at 660 million and all they have is bubble

bobble, then how much do you really think ninty is worth? Just doing the

maths in my head it seems that the public trading stock that nintendo doesnt

own themselves is over 15 Billion US dollars.



Nintendo is definitely worth a lot of money. That doesn't mean there aren't other companies even bigger that could conceivably buy out the Big N. For instance, Microsoft's Windows and Office products alone bring in $33 billion PER YEAR. I'm not saying Microsoft is going to buy Nintendo or that they're even interested, but they're probably capable if they really wanted to. Nintendo's reclamation of stock is a safety measure to try to prevent such a situation.

hello since i've been writing to your mail bag frequently i should just

start posting my name well my name is armando and just wanted to know

if what eurogamer.net says is true they said that they had an radio

interview with Shigeru Miyamoto and that he said "This will be, without

a doubt, the last Zelda game as you know it in its present form," and

that they don't know how they are going to revive the series and just

wondering is this a hint that the ending for twilight princess can

really be an end!? like wind waker and kill off an other link, plus

they added that they are holding back twilight princess because after

this game until the next gen that they want this to be the best zelda

ever,and they also said that in the next gen mario game that he will

have a new side kick just wondering if you heard or might now anything?

well thanks a lot for the mail bag updates nice jog this site is my

number one source.


I'm not totally sure whether either of those quotes is true. The Zelda quote doesn't worry me too much even if it is accurately quoted and properly translated. Miyamoto and Aonuma talked at E3 about shifting the series back and forth between different styles. So Miyamoto's comment, if it is indeed true, could simply mean that this is the last realistic Zelda for a while, and that they plan to go back to a cel-shaded style or even a brand new style for the series. The Mario comment has me excited, as we haven't really seen buddy gameplay yet in a 3D Mario game. (Mario and Luigi haven't been platforming together in a long time, and Yoshi's implementation in Super Mario Sunshine was rather limited.)

Oh boy, I've still got so much catching up to do on the mailbag! Well, stay tuned for more soon.

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