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by the NWR Staff - August 3, 2005, 3:54 pm PDT

Letters! We get letters! We get stacks and stacks of letters! LEEEETTEEEERRRRS!

hiya, i was reading an article not so long ago about an e3 demo called

dspeak. It said that it allowed you to use the microphone and wireless

features of the nintendo ds to communicate with others. I was thinking

something like this would really improve online games such as the upcoming

"Mario Kart DS".

Will dspeak make it into mario kart, if not will it be in any future ds

online games?


We still don't know if or how Nintendo plans to use or sell DSpeak. They may try to sell it separately or pack it in with the system for new purchasers. But I think the best idea is, as you suggest, to include it as an application with online DS games so that you can speak to people on your friend list even if they are on the other side of the world!

In a recent interview with Miyamoto in the latest EGM magazine, Miyamoto

stated that they were discussing trying to make the Nintendo classics

multiplayer online. So there is a great chance, according to the interview,

there is a high probability that the downloadable games shall be online when

the Revolution comes out. Also, selling games online and selling them in

stores are totally different. Selling games online is much much cheaper

because the company don't have to worry about buying the media to put the

games on. It's as simple as creating the code one type and posting it on

the net for people to pay and download. I can see companies setting a small

crew aside to take the time to make their classic games multiplayer online.

Just thought I'll clear that up.

I do want your take on something that's been on my mind. I've seen

Nintendo's recent Wifi Connection commerical, and there is something that's

said that strikes an interest. The commericals shows a man in the desert

where there is no technology for miles, and at the end of the commerical the

Voice Over states that you can play anywhere, anytime. Now, Nintendo has to

know that a majority of us know that you have to be by a hotspot to use

Wifi, but it doesn't make sense that the message that this commerical is

giving us is that you can be out in the middle of nowhere with the ability

to communicate with others. Now, do you think Nintendo has something bigger

than what we are speculating planned, or is this false advertising? What do

you think?

-Adroit One

I hope Miyamoto's plans come to fruition. Your point about online distribution is completely true, but the development costs to add online modules to these old games are the same whether the upgraded game is sold in a store or downloaded to the Revolution. There's no way to get around paying someone to reprogram the games without releasing the source codes to homebrew developers, which isn't going to happen. A buddy of mine noted yesterday that some emulators of old systems have ways of automatically enabling online multiplayer in two-player games, but even if that sort of system-wide solution is stable enough for Revolution, it probably can't provide the elegant, feature-rich interface Nintendo wants to provide for the Nintendo WiFi Connection service.

I love all the mailbag updates in this year video game dry season

Frist off what is the per-order bonus for the new zelda? 2nd were was the new zelda four swords DS game at e3 or was it delayed for online play? 3rd what hapen to the mp3 and mp:h link that was announced after last year e3? 4th why is mario 128 thanking sooo looooonnnnnnggggggg to come out? and 5th what happen to reggie head in the new zelda game.

from stevey

Frist off Nintendo hasn't announced a pre-order program for Twilight Princess yet, but I'm sure they are planning something big, because the bonus for pre-ordering Wind Waker was extremely popular. 2nd Four Swords DS has vanished since its first announcement; Eiji Aonuma said at E3 that the first Zelda game for DS is not in the Four Swords sub-series. I don't know if that means Four Swords DS has been canceled or just pushed aside for now. 3rd a link between Metroid Prime 3 and Hunters, I doubt that's going to happen. Certainly nothing was mentioned of it during this year's OR last year's E3. (Prime 2 wasn't even out yet during last year's show!) 4th Mario 128 seems to have been in limbo for a long time, as EAD wants to find some interesting gameplay mechanic(s) to build the rest of the game around. So right now they're still experimenting with various ideas, according to Miyamoto. and 5th I don't know anything about Reggie's head being in a game.

hay malebag,

if nintendo has a trunk full of nickels and a half-trunk full of dimes,

which one is worth more?


Carl Kastaneda

P.S. try to figure out my CODE.

If you value your space, the half-trunk full of dimes is more valuable because it takes up less space but holds the same amount of money.

P.S. My guess is up up down down left right left right B A Start.

Hello PGC,

Awile back Nintendo annouced Kirby for the GameCube but haven't showed off anything since. Is it still in development or has it been canned? Maybe it'll make it to Revolution. Below is a link to some screenshots of the game.

Kirby GC

Thanks PGC

Nintendo released a few new screenshots of it during this past E3, probably just to let everyone know that the game is still in development even though they didn't have it at the show. So, apparently, Kirby lives...but we really don't know much except that it seems to be a 2D action game with 3D graphics, like Kirby 64. (By the way, I changed your link because we have those same screenshots at PGC!)

Hey guys, love the site.

I would like to know if you are planning on implementing RSS for the

site anytime soon. It would be awesome if you did.

Thanks, Pablo.

Probably. We've done some tests with RSS and they seem to work well, so we are thinking about it.

Hey pgc whats crackiin?

u know how on meteos u can send a demo to other ds systems? with the online service coming out do you think nintendo will let us download demos of other ds games online so we can try before we buy? sounds good to me

--- freshprince721


How is it that their is a game like true crime for the gamecube but not other M rated games like Grant theft auto. Also, if this strong line up for the DS has something to do with it being so innovative and it catching the interests of developers, do you think that if the Revolution is as innovative than it too will catch the interests of more developers to make games for it?

The first True Crime sold decently on GameCube, and Activision is a big Nintendo supporter for whatever reason, so that's why the new True Crime: New York is coming out on GameCube. Personally, I think the GTA series would have performed okay on GameCube if Rockstar had gone multiplatform earlier, but by the time the series finally started getting ported to PC and Xbox, GameCube had already been stigmatized out of the M-rated market. At this point, Rockstar thinks the sales of a GC version would be outweighed by the cost to port such a huge and complex game to a new architecture (PC and Xbox both use Direct X, so they can be done simultaneously). And Rockstar is probably right. As for the strong DS lineup, first off I wouldn't call the U.S. lineup strong at this time. The developer appeal seems to be working in Japan, where it's easier for niche games to be released and many developers self-publish their titles. In the U.S., publishers decide which games are made, not developers, so I don't think either DS or Revolution can fall back on their appeal to the studios. DS is keeping up with PSP in the U.S. thanks to brand loyalty carried over from the GBA, but how long will that last? DS should be stomping the PSP into the ground in America like it is in Japan, but the games are taking too long to be released here.

i was wondering if you know anything about metroid dread? is it real or not.

do you think their will be a cell shaded link and the new link on the new smash bros cause that would be awsome!!!!

thanks alot and great site!

Game Informer magazine listed Metroid Dread for DS as being part of Nintendo's E3 lineup, but when the show actually happened, there was no such game to be found. That could mean that GI had been given some dubious information prior to E3, but I talked to some people at the show who would know plenty about Nintendo's lineup, announced or otherwise, and they seemed surprised that Metroid Dread was not presented. So I'm inclined to believe that it does exist, but so far we have no hard proof.

There are several games that are incompatable with the

memory card 1019. See the link below for a complete



Lucky for everyone, they're all pretty crappy games.

Many people would probably argue that Sonic Adventure 2 Battle is not crappy, and it has sold over a million copies after all. It's not really incompatible either, it just doesn't display the number of free blocks correctly. But yeah, there's the list of games that really do have technical problems with the MC 1019. Games like Animal Crossing and F-Zero GX and Pokemon Colosseum won't let you copy files over to any memory card, regardless of its size.

I got tons of letters about WiFi and dialup. I said in the last bag that WiFi just connects you to a network that's connected to the internet, so you can have dialup WiFi, but it's going to suck. I disagree about DS games working fine over dialup, not when the landmark debut of the service is with Mario Kart DS, a fast racing game that would be ruined by lag. Animal Crossing DS is a different story, perhaps. But I doubt Nintendo is going to create a seperate certification for dialup speeds when the vast, vast majority of WiFi networks are connected to broadband access.

As the mailbag gets more and more popular, I'm having to start picking the "best" (most interesting, most informative, shortest) letters to print. Please accept my apologies if your letter isn't published...just try asking something different next time! I'm also running behind the stack for now, so if you don't see your letter the day after you send it, check the next day too! Spelling and grammar don't count (obviously), but if you say or ask the same thing as other letters I've already published, I'm probably going to pass on your letter. This wouldn't be a very productive feature if I repeated my theories about the Revolution controller every single day, you know?

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