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by the NWR Staff - September 4, 2003, 3:09 pm PDT

Are you a dance maniac? An ogre battler? Maybe you're looking for some television-buying pro-tips, or want a hint on what Nintendo's next console will cost. Inside!

Gagobong asks: Hey there, I got a question for you all. I was just wondering if its possible to have some multiplayer action if I used a GB Player, one GBA and one copy of Advance Wars 2? I figured that if I used the Gamecube, and someone else uses the GBA, then that would save me from getting another GBA. I really want to whoop ass on AW 2. Is it possble?

Ty says: Did you know it's a turn based game? You can pass one controller or GBA around instead of necessarily linking it?

Jonny says: Yes, you can absoutely do it. Just put the game in the Game Boy Player or the GBA, hook everything up together, and go into the link-up mode. Advance Wars 2 has link play from a single cartridge, so you don't even need two copies of the game. Note that you could also just use the pass-around mode, as Ty mentioned, which would let both you and your friend(s) all play on the TV display and would cut out the annoying data transfer times.

Victor asks: Hi! I was just wondering if there was any chance of any dance game coming out on the Gamecube (Dance Dance Revolution, or ANYTHING). Because I'm really addicted to those games... And I see it's unfair that PS2 has lots of dance games, and XBOX will get one (or more) too... Please, tell me there will be a dance title on GC... Maybe MARIO DANCE Well, we've had mario golf, tennis, party, kart... maybe they will... Thank you!

Ty says: I remember last time pretty much everyone here said they were such a niche-genre, but now I'm not so sure, considering that DDR sells pretty well, and heck, it's the top grossing game in virtually every arcade that has it, and even my friends' mom bought a PS2 just to play DDR MAX. I would buy a Nintendo themed dance-game in a minute, or, hm, what if Nintendo licensed out its songs and characters to Konami for a DDR game... that'd be pretty hot, I'll tell you what.

Robert says: Well Victor, your prayers might be about to get answered - though not 100%. The next Donkey Kong game on GC, snappily titled Donkey Konga, will be a rhythm-action game from the same Namco team responsible for the excellent Taikou no Tetsujin. So, no dancing action but certainly some drum-driven fun is on the way. I just can't wait to get my hands on whatever custom drum controller they come up with for this one!

Rick says: Unfortunately, I don't think it's in the cards for us to get a Dance Dance Revolution title on GameCube. DDR Extreme will come out for PS2 in Japan, and there are rumors that it's going to be the last DDR game. With a unique DDR Ultramix game coming for Xbox, and all the other titles seemingly locked up on the PS2, it's not looking good.

It all comes down to Konami and whether or not they feel a GameCube version is going to sell, and if people are willing to buy the additional hardware (either a new pad, or a PS2->GameCube converter) needed to play the game the way it was meant to be played. I'm not entirely sure that the stars are going to align in time for GameCube fans to get their dance on.

Ty (again) says: Psst, don't listen to Rick, Konami's already mentioned that DDR Extreme isn't the last mix.

Jonny says: Maybe there's hope, with Nintendo and Konami teaming up on Twin Snakes. But probably not.

Daniel says: At least not for GameCube. It would be cool if Konami included free hard pads with the next Nintendo, but that's never going to happen.

Ty (yet again) says: They really should consider releasing some Bemani on the GBA like they did with the GBC in Japan. 5-key Beatmania would port pretty well.

Max Triple-Z asks: I was thinking of buying a new TV. I dont want to pay for an HDTV, but I would like to have 480P for Gamecube and DVDs. The only Model on analog tv that can do this is a Samsung. Do you guys know of any models?

Do you think that the gamecube 2 will take full advantage of HDTV??? Im saying this because wasn:t the FCC planning to kill all analog broadcasts by 2006 (forcing everyone to convert to HDTV) ?

TV Recommendations?

Rick says: Funny you write this now. Amazon.com has an incredible deal on a projection TV. Apex, known for it's decent low-end electronics has a 43" EDTV (Enhanced Definition TV) for $399 after rebate. EDTV means that it supports 480p for GameCube games and DVDs, but not the higher end HDTV resolutions. Unfortunately, the TV is sold out now, but if you take the circular that was in most Sunday newspapers this weekend, you might find a store willing to pricematch.

Good luck.

Jonny says: I expect GameCube 2 to support the higher resolutions, yes.

Cory asks: I was wondering do you think Nintendo will sell its next-gen console the same, cheaper, or more than Microsoft and Sony. How much do you think each company's next-gen console will cost?

Ty says: Nintendo has always done same-or-less than the competition, I'm pretty sure they mentioned it again at their E3 press conference, am I right?

Rick says: Most analysts are expecting the consoles to launch at $299, and with the relatively fast turn around this time, that price is probably going to stick. However, $199 is not out of the question. Not only did GameCube launch at $199, but the N64 had its price cut to $199 a week BEFORE its launch. It's all going to come down to production costs, as Nintendo isn't one to lose a great deal of money on it's hardware. In fact, GameCube was the first console (Virtual Boy notwithstanding) Nintendo lost money on, and word is that it was only a single-digit loss on each unit ... far below the competition.

TYP says: I agree that Sony and Microsoft will aim for a $300 price tag. Nintendo should go with the most powerful hardware they can muster for $300 as well, and not target the bargain crowd. As we've seen this generation, the average consumer doesn't seem to mind paying extra for better hardware. If Nintendo decides not to include DVD playback, they should take that extra $20-a-console and invest it elsewhere in the system.

Jonny says: I think Nintendo will and should launch at the same price as the competition. Being the cheapest system obviously didn't help them much this generation.

Pretty much everybody asks: Hey go and vote for some character or other on GameFAQs plz!!!111

Ahnuhld says: Vote for me if you want to live.

TYP says: 0H N0 DK iz l00sing to s0m s0ny ch@ract3r wannab3!!!!11121 TEH END OF TEH W0RLD IZ NEAR!!!!!1111111

Seriously, a highly casual poll run by GameFAQs is hardly worth fussing over and most certainly not news.

Daniel says: It was a fun event to get involved in once, but when it becomes a "regular" thing, we'll just leave it to their community -- which is what they intend it for in the first place.

Cyrus asks: Hey guys! Thanks for answering my question in advance. I know that when Square bought out Quest, they also acquired the Ogre Battle license. Since Ogre Battle has traditionally always appeared on a Nintendo console (and I thought Ogre Battle 64 was just about the best game ever), I was wondering if you folks have heard any rumblings about Ogre Battle development or planning, on console or handheld. Thanks!

Zosha says: No news on any OB games, but I wouldn't hold your breath for anything other than a portable rendition. The fellow who headed up the franchise until OB64 Yasumi Matsuno, defected to Square from Quest some time ago. You may remember him from one of his later works, the superb Vaygrant Story. At any rate he's working on FFXII now, and supposedly he isn't a Nintendo fan. Now that OB is back within Square-Enix camps, you can bet Matsuno will be calling the shots.

Val asks: Just need to know one thing; Level 5. What are they? Third Party to Sony or something? I see them doing stuff for the X-Box, PS2 and nothing for the GBA or GC. When will we see something on the GC by them?

Zosha says: Doubt you'll see it any time soon, if ever. There's been rumours for an age that Sony will be making them an internal party. That said there's True Fantasy Online LIVE for Xbox but whatever happens after that is unknown.

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