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Battle Princess Madelyn Developer Interview

by Perry Burkum - April 12, 2017, 6:10 am PDT
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We talk with Causal Games about their new title coming to Wii U and Switch

Hey there, readers! We got the chance to sit down and talk with the developers of the crowd-funded "Battle Princess Madelyn", a neo-retro styled game coming to the Nintendo Wii U and Switch. Please enjoy the interview, and check out their Kickstarter link below for more info.

Hello! Why don't you introduce yourself.

Sure! We’re Causal Bit Games Inc., and are based out of Canada. My name is Chris Obritsch, and together with my Biz partner Daven and my wife Lina, we make video games, with one past commercial title, Insanity’s Blade, already released on Steam back in 2014.

Could you give our readers a good idea of what kind of game Battle Princess Madelyn is?

Battle Princess Madelyn is both a tribute to Ghouls ‘N Ghosts, and my daughter Madelyn whom this game is being made for. It’s an epic retro romp through a world being overtaken by monsters in which a young knight in training, who is accompanied by her ghostly pet Fritzy, will be saving her kidnapped family, and battling an evil wizard! Maddi will travel around her kingdom initially and then with the help of a magical friend, travel to different parts of the world to rescue and meet other friends and family while powering up Fritzy along the way!

This sounds we should be prepared for quite the adventure! Clearly the game is a loving homage to Super Ghouls & Ghosts, are there any other classic games that have helped inspire BPM?

Yes there’s quite a few! Wonderboy 3: The Dragon’s Trap is one, Mega Man, Duck Tales, Super Mario Bros 3. Many spins on all of these things and packed with lots of original ideas too!

It's good to hear that we will get to play a lot of new experiences alongside classic gameplay. How is the difficulty of the game? (Possibly comparable to Super Ghouls & Ghosts?)

The game will feature a self adjusting difficulty that can detect if the player is doing poorly or too well and then adjust itself accordingly. And for people that want the old school difficulty settings, we’ll have those too. Kids/Casual, Easy, Regular, Hard, Old School will be the list more than likely! Some of our stretch goals have unlocked particularly punishing difficulties too!

Do you plan on bringing the game physically to either Wii U and/or Switch?

Wii U will probably not be physical, but if we were able to we would love to! Switch we’re looking into, but can’t confirm anything just yet!

Here's hoping we get to enjoy some sweet Switch cartridge action! What is the time frame for the release of Battle Princess Madelyn?

Right now we’re aiming at February 2018! Even with all the awesome Stretch Goal content our backers have helped unlock, as long as there are no major hiccups, we’ll remain on track!

Sounds great! Is there anything else you'd like our readers to know?

We just want everyone to know how much we appreciate all of the kind words and support that we have received thus far. It means very much to us, and even more so to Maddi! I’d like to say that I personally am very proud of our team too! All of the people working on this game are putting their best efforts in for Maddi! They are equally hard working and dedicated, and we’re so lucky to have them!

Thank you so much for taking time out of your busy schedule to talk with us. Congratulations on your success, and we certainly hope you have a fun and painless time developing Battle Princess Madelyn!

Thank you for giving us your attention! And thanks! We will undoubtedly have a blast with the game development ahead and can’t wait to share more as we progress!

To learn more about Battle Princes Madelyn and/or help fund it check out Causal Games' Kickstarter

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