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Gamescom 2017: ARMS Update Preview

by Daan Koopman - August 23, 2017, 9:03 pm PDT
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Lola Pop is fast and has a few defensive tricks up her sleeve.

During Gamescom 2017, the next ARMS character was revealed to the world. The character, named Lola Pop, has one of the most adorable designs I've seen in a while between her colorful suit, facial expressions and interactions. She is a female clown and has all the mobility that goes along with it. She is fast, furious and has the best defensive move sets in all of ARMS. Everything about the choices they made is making me happy.

Her basic techniques are pretty easy to wrap your head around. With her dash, Lola Pop is capable of moving around the field at a quick pace. The dash has a glide to it that I really appreciate and can be handy to get out of tricky situations. Her jump is quite bouncy, but it doesn't have an amazing reach. That being said, Lola can stay in the air longer, which is great for dishing out one more punch. While shielding, Lola Pop takes on a balloon form. It allows her to become a defensive heavyweight, which is especially handy during double battles.

Where Lola Pop really comes together is with her set of available ARMS. The Biffer is the least surprising out of the three. Similar to the Hydra and Triblaster ARMS, it shoots out three missiles, which is fantastic for reaching characters at long range. Where things become interesting is with the Funchuk, which is basically a nunchuck grabbed in a fist. This weapon can be spun around to defend yourself or to attack nearby foes. The range isn't fantastic, but it is a solid counter weapon.

The star of Lola’s show is the Clapback arms. They act as a protective barrier that matches the opponent’s movements. It is great against opponents that are ultra-aggressive from the opening seconds. If an ARM touches the shield, it will be flung back and forces the opponent to take damage. When a characters gets close to it, you can strike again. This will result in a shield bash, which sends the opponent flying. The best usage is during the Rush Attack as the shield does an impressive 320 damage.

Lola Pop and her colorful set of weapons are coming to ARMS in September. I honestly can't wait to play nonstop with her and explore everything she has to offer. Her movement patterns are really intriguing and every time I time I discover new bits and pieces.

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