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Cubemen 2 Hands-on Preview at GDC

by Aaron Kaluszka - March 23, 2014, 1:06 am EDT
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The highly customizable RTS is fully cross-platform.

The advent of Minecraft set off a renaissance of cube-based games. Cubemen 2 is a real-time strategy game that keeps the presentation simple, but provides nearly endless complexity of gameplay. Cubemen 2 is a bit of a sandbox, so I imagine you’ll get out what you put into it. There are a huge numbers of options and modes. The basic gameplay involves choosing which units to send out where and what actions they should take to attack or defend against other teams.

The game features a number of modes, including basic tower defense-style play, capture the flag, and a mode where you try to capture the most territory. Up to six players can play online, or AI can take over the teams. The modes are fully customizable, and each mode requires different types of strategy. Seeing the tiny voxel characters walking around and blowing stuff up reminded me of the classic game Lemmings.

Cubemen 2 features a full level editor, as well as a theme editor, which allows you to skin the cubes to give them some character. Custom levels can be shared privately or publicly, and Cubemen 2 is the first game that will allow both cross-platform multiplayer as well as cross-platform sharing of level designs. Steam and iOS users have already generated several thousand levels, which will be ready to go when the Wii U version launches. From gameplay to design, the Wii U touchscreen provides an easy way to interact with the game.


azekeMarch 23, 2014

Some parts reminded me of Darwinia.

I also remember playing a few online matches of Multiwinia...

onlymattMarch 23, 2014

Looks like fun, hope there is good support,

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Genre Strategy
Developer 3 Sprockets
Online1 - 6

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Release Sep 04, 2014
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